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Signetics supports innovation in electronics with best-in-class portfolio

Signetics leads South Korea’s semiconductor industry with laminate, flip-chip and leadframe packages for a variety of turnkey business applications.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am

From simple features and bulky designs to more sophisticated functionalities and sleeker forms, electronic devices such as computers, cellular phones and television sets have come a long way since they were first launched. As clamour for more advanced gadgets continues to grow, so does the demand for technologically advanced components.

As one of the forerunners in South Korea’s semiconductor industry since1966, Signetics has upheld its pioneering legacy today by continuing to deliver technological innovations that contribute to the development of the electronics industry.

Specialising in semiconductor packaging, cost-effective test and performance inspection technology, Signetics built strategic partnerships with electronics companies in South Korea and abroad to fully understand the needs of the industry. Signetics offers a wide array of laminate, flip-chip and leadframe packages as a full turnkey business model for a variety of applications.

“We work with tier-1 semiconductor companies internationally,” says CEO Baik Dong-won. “It is not just a simple business partnership; we collaborate and co-develop together by sharing our
cost-effective and proven technology. With these partnerships, we have the best product portfolio in the market, fitting the requirements of the global semiconductor industry.”

Multinational companies will probably hesitate to work with or cooperate with startup companies, but Signetics does and we will continue to support and assist them
Signetics CEO Baik Dong-won

Signetics is one of the five electronics-related subsidiaries of the Young Poong group. As part of the corporation, Signetics has access to a wealth of knowledge from the group and can leverage their resources. For instance, Signetics is able to meet the massive demand for printed circuit boards by sourcing almost 50 per cent of raw materials from sister company Korea Circuit. With this relationship with Korea Circuit, Signetics is also able to reduce lead times.

With its close collaboration with industry leaders, and strong focus on innovation, Signetics is part of exciting developments such as finger sensor strip tests. Since 1999, Signetics has provided full turnkey solutions for assembly and test services and is fully capable of testing fingerprint sensors. It has an assembly capacity of 35,000,000ea per month.

A believer that innovation can come from even the smallest ideas, Signetics shows support for start-up companies.

“If we see potential in a start-up company, even if they do not immediately show revenues, we support companies from South Korea, the United States and China. Multinational companies will probably hesitate to work with or cooperate with startup companies, but Signetics does and we will continue to support and assist them,” Baik says.

Signetics sees great potential in the region, particularly in China, Malaysia and Vietnam, and is open to more business partnerships and research collaborations with technologically driven companies.