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CY Group’s innovative automotive products withstand industry disruptions

Group is an early adapter and ideal partner for European and American companies looking to develop and test new technologies for emerging markets such as Southeast Asia

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am

From electric cars to ride-sharing mobile platforms, automation, digitisation and technological disruptions are rapidly re-defining the future of transport, pressuring automotive industry players to keep up with game-changing developments.

For resilient players such as CY Group, South Korea’s leading total solutions provider for automotive parts, staying ahead of the curve is the engine driving success and innovation.

A recognised name in the automotive industry for its synchroniser rings, carbon friction materials, turbo charger and air compressor technologies with a strong track record of established clients such as Hyundai, Kia, GM Global and Tata, CY Group has honed a robust expertise in automotive systems over the past 30 years with a steady eye on the future.

Apart from its patented two-speed transmission technology for electric cars, the company’s technological advancements include its dual clutch transmission for hybrid vehicles and its ongoing development of fuel cell membranes.

“Our systems expertise – from the initial design and development, to the prototyping and testing of our products – guarantees product timeliness, quality, safety and reliability,” says Cho Hong-sang, CEO and president. “We are the hidden champion in our field and constantly challenge and lead

industry trends.”

Founded in 1985, CY Group first achieved success with the production of manual transmission synchroniserrings. It has since expanded its product expertise into other high-performing automotive parts with exceptional heat resistance and durable friction.

Comprised of subsidiaries CY Myutec, ETR and CY Autotech, CY Group is an early adopter and ideal partner for European and American companies looking to develop and test new technologies for emerging markets, particularly Southeast Asia. The group also values its proactive corporate culture, which emphasises job ownership as a means of achieving happiness.

Committed to Asia, CY Group maintains production facilities in South Korea, India and China, with factory expansion plans for the latter two countries.

“We’re not afraid of the future,” Cho says. “We’ve analysed our strengths and are on the verge of becoming a leader in this information technology-driven world.”