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Seoho lifts efficiency of container ports, shipbuilding yards with crane automation

South Korean crane control and automation maker supplies and retrofits harbour and terminal systems across Asia

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am

Seoho Electric leads the way in advanced crane control and automation technology with several projects secured from container terminals, shipbuilders and heavy industries across Asia and the world. Capitalising on more than 35 years of expertise, Seoho has built a sophisticated portfolio of container crane control systems, comprising crane monitoring systems, anti-sway systems, auto-position identification systems and automated steering for global positioning system-based cranes. The Anyang-based manufacturer also supplies general-purpose and specialised alternating current inverters and direct current converters.

“Teamwork and discipline are key organisational traits we’ve come to stand for,” says Kim Seung-nam, president. “We spend all efforts to finish on time and implement successful projects. Being a trusted and reliable partner to our customers is central to our sustainability.”

Teamwork and discipline are key organisational traits we’ve come to stand for
Kim Seung-nam, president, Seoho Electric

In one of its completed projects, Seoho engineered drive and control systems for 36 twin cantilever automated rail-mounted gantry cranes for Hyundai Merchant Marine’s Hyundai Pusan New Port International Terminal (PNIT) in Busan. Last July, Seoho secured another PNIT contract worth US$16.42 million to supply crane control systems.

To help maximise operational performance of existing terminals, Seoho also specialises in crane retrofits. One notable project outside of South Korea was the refurbishment of overhead bridge cranes at PSA Singapore’s Pasir Panjang terminal. Seoho’s crane control systems have been widely adopted in Asia, including in China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and the Philippines, and have also reached harbours in Panama, Mexico and the Middle East.

Striving to further improve crane productivity and decrease operational costs, Seoho continues to develop more technologically advanced solutions. Seoho has research and development (R&D) collaborations with South Korean universities and has academic partners from Canada and Europe. The company’s strong commitment to innovation has led to the development of its own line of unmanned crane control systems.

“We keep an open mind towards new technology,” Kim says. “We welcome new R&D collaborations to keep the ball rolling.”