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Chodang University hones creative experts through specialised academic programmes

South Korean institution develops expertise in aviation, nursing and catering, and now partners with 60 universities and schools across Asia

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am

With its strong “student first” approach, high level of flexibility, and responsiveness to educational and socio-economic changes, Chodang University is poised to further its internationalisation strategy.

Starting as an industrial university in 1994, Chodang University has built a solid reputation anchored in its specialised undergraduate programmes, notably in aviation, health and medical science, and culinary arts. The university plans to capitalise on these programmes as it seeks to attract more students from overseas.

“Our specialised courses will make us more competitive in today’s increasingly global world,” says Park Jong-koo, president. “We will also stand strong in our commitment to provide the best educational service as we prepare our students to become creative experts and competent global leaders.”

Study programmes from the Aviation College distinguish Chodang University from other schools. The college offers flight operation, aircraft maintenance, airline service management, drone development, and pilot training courses, which are closely connected to South Korea’s aviation industry. In an effort to have a more efficient flight training system and to provide professional flight training services, Chodang University opened the Condor Flight Education Center in 2014 and the Rotax Engine Training Center, which is the first in Asia, in 2015.

We are open to partnerships with reputable educational institutions in the world, especially those in China and Southeast Asia
Park Jong-koo, president, Chodang University

The university’s nursing department is notable for being one of the largest in South Korea and

having one of greatest number of partner hospitals in the country so that students can have plenty of

options where to practice. Chodang University’s culinary department offers various learning opportunities with top chefs from renowned hotels such as The Ritz-Carlton.

Since its foundation, Chodang University has recognised the value of academic partnerships. To date, it has 50 partner universities in China and 10 partner schools in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the university’s advanced academic-industrial collaboration programmes offer students simulation-based learning opportunities that will improve their employability.

“We welcome opportunities to further increase our global reach through student exchange and academic collaborative programmes,” Park says. “We are open to partnerships with reputable educational institutions in the world, especially those in China and Southeast Asia.”