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SHINWON Construction stands out with bespoke luxury homes

With its rich know-how in end-to-end project management, SHINWON Construction brings tailor-made villas to high-net-worth individuals and businesses in China, Taiwan and Singapore

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am

High-net-worth individuals can purchase a villa and remodel it to their liking – or simply have one tailor-made by SHINWON Construction.

“I personally meet with individual clients to understand how they want their dream house built,” says CEO Dr Woo Jin-ho. “This flexibility has set us apart even from the biggest players.”

Leveraging 32 years of experience in developing apartment complexes throughout South Korea, SHINWON today focuses on fully customised luxury villas. These projects showcase distinct housing development plans such as incorporating anything into the property from spaces for office work and business meetings through to entertainment and exercise. The company has also built a reputation for industrial development, which has expanded overseas with the construction of state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing facilities in mainland China and Taiwan for Wonik.

I personally meet with individual clients to understand how they want their dream house built
Woo Jin-ho, CEO

“Others may be able to provide the design expertise or construction technology, but no other company can perhaps see the true value of its employees like we do,” Woo says. “It has always been our corporate culture to look hard for their hidden talents with the end goal of ensuring they eventually end up falling in love with their work at SHINWON.”

Woo has a similar message to local companies overseas that want to partner with SHINWON as the company tries to replicate its success in mainland China, Taiwan and Singapore. Beyond its client-centric approach, however, the company is offering the region an added attraction. Drawing from its rich know-how in end-to-end project management, SHINWON wants Asian high-net-worth individuals and businesses to realise significant cost savings as it offers the whole real-estate value chain from A to Z under one roof. Besides actual construction, SHINWON will also guide clients into all other aspects including contract processing and property management.

“We will be highly competitive as we move into Asia,” Woo says. “I am open to any exciting proposals.”