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Silicon Mitus unveils best-in-class smartphone chips in China

South Korean chipmaker broadens product range to Chinese smartphone makers and launches a sophisticated amplifier this year

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:36am

Many smartphones, televisions, personal computers and monitors from Samsung and LG have something in common – they contain power management chips and other analogue internal components from Silicon Mitus, South Korea’s largest independent fabless company for integrated circuits (ICs).

Silicon Mitus is now ready to offer its top-quality products to smartphone makers in China and the rest of the world. The product portfolio will cover a broad range, from power management and efficient charging to audio amplifiers and codecs. Silicon Mitus will also be offering USB type-C ICs, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display drivers and OLED power ICs.

“We have built our portfolio of products by catering to the exacting demands of Samsung and LG, two of the most sophisticated customers in consumer electronics, and now we want to focus on providing value-added products to Chinese smartphone makers who need higher quality,” says Dr Huh Youm, founder and CEO of Silicon Mitus. “By the start of next year, we will have rolled out a broader cost-effective product range, and we will be ready to expand in China.”

In the area of power management, where the company has built its original competitive strength, Silicon Mitus chips have superior technology to achieve optimal battery performance and efficiency combined with a small form factor that fulfils the highest standards of safety. These chips are not only ideal for high-quality smartphones, but also for internet-of-things applications such as artificial intelligence speakers and other household and industrial products.

“Because we have the full range of intellectual property and design blocks for analogue chips, we can deliver customised solutions and are able to provide them quickly,” Huh says. “That is our strength.”

Silicon Mitus has also been conducting research on how to enhance the audio quality of smartphones and other electronic devices. The result has been a highly sophisticated amplifier that will be launched by the company before the year ends. “This new product will enhance the quality of the audio in smartphones such that you will definitely be able to hear the difference,” Huh says.

Silicon Mitus maintains its technological leadership by drawing on synergies from its research and development centres worldwide. These include design centres in Cupertino, Milan, and Shanghai, and its main facilities in Seoul.

Now we want to focus on providing value-added products to Chinese smartphone makers who need higher quality
Dr Huh Youm, founder and CEO, Silicon Mitus.

“Designing analogue chips is all about experience, and we have been successful in putting together an excellent team of designers who have many years of expertise under their belts,” Huh says. “This advantage has played a highly important role in the phenomenal growth of our business.”

The founder of Silicon Mitus received his doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. One of the leading pioneering figures in South Korea’s semiconductor industry, Huh was honoured by the government in 2011 as one of the principal contributors to the development of 100 key technologies during the last 50 years.

However, it takes more than innovative spirit and talent to drive the company’s success. Silicon Mitus is fortunate to have Walden International as a principal shareholder. Perhaps the world’s foremost venture capital firm investing in the semiconductor industry, Walden shares with Silicon Mitus its global network of professionals who can give critical expert advice and guidance on a broad range of topics.

“While we have Walden supporting us, we are definitely open to new partnerships and collaborations as we work towards our dream of becoming a key analogue IC supplier in Asia, especially in China, which is the main focus of our future growth,” Huh says. “We are eager to meet dynamic players who can provide synergies and added value that will enable us to grow together.”