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CyberLogitec charts future of logistics by digitising value chain

Founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Hanjin Shipping, CyberLogitec was originally established to provide IT services solely to Hanjin

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 11:51am
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 11:51am

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Big data and the internet of things are rapidly changing the way the logistics industry does business. Accurate and rapid data processing and management have become vital to supply chain integration – and with Asia-Pacific’s rising prominence in global commerce placing regional supply chains under mounting pressure to meet growing trade and evolving cross-border challenges, the need for streamlined end-to-end logistics solutions that simplify processes and optimise cost is high.

CyberLogitec – a Eusu Group subsidiary and sister company of Eusu Logistics – is a leading enterprise software company for the logistics industry and one of the few in its field offering information technology (IT) solutions to seamlessly optimise sea and land transport and port operations.

Founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Hanjin Shipping, CyberLogitec was originally established to provide IT services solely to Hanjin. The company redefined its business direction in 2007 – transitioning from a dedicated IT service provider to a leading enterprise software company.

Providing an integrated platform ensuring the total management of end-to-end operations within the maritime, port and logistics industries, CyberLogitec aims to enhance global business standards by optimising business processes in a way that maximises productivity and profitability.

“CyberLogitec was born as a creative convergence between business knowledge and information technology, with a key emphasis on providing solutions,” says Dr Choi Jang-rim, CEO. “About 99.9 per cent of our customers’ issues are related to money. Our solutions target two areas – saving cost and enabling increased revenues, with the added value of improving service quality and customer satisfaction. We are practically the only specialised enterprise software company capable of covering the entire logistics process from door to door.”

Our solutions target two areas – saving cost and enabling increased revenues
Choi Jang-rim, CEO, CyberLogitec

Working with top global shipping lines and terminals, CyberLogitec offers three distinct products.

In sea transport, the company provides a convenient container carrier service called ALLEGRO – a total shipping operations solution that unifies, standardises and systemises all container line business processes. ALLEGRO’s stable operating environment, user-friendly interface, data standardisation and centralised control enhances process management and enables integrated business on a global scale.

In freight forwarding and warehousing, CyberLogitec provides a highly integrated web-based platform designed to organise and coordinate every aspect of a global freight forwarding business.

OPUS Logistics contributes to cohesive end-to-end operation for more streamlined shipment by automating and centralising standard operation procedure management, custom filing and shipper electronic data interchange, accounting and warehouse management.

CyberLogitec has also ventured into automated platforms for the logistics industry that ensure predictable and reliable operational performance – such as its highly integrated terminal operating system platform called OPUS Terminal. Designed for container terminals and multipurpose terminals, OPUS Terminal has been successfully rolled out in more than 50 terminals in 12 countries – providing full coverage of an entire terminal operation by integrating different protocols under a single umbrella.

“We always try to give new value – not just to our customers, but to the entire logistics industry,” Choi says. “CyberLogitec consists of three words – cyber, logistics and technology. As a value creator, our mission is to improve global business standards by optimising the value of time and space in logistics through cyber technology.”

With an upcoming joint venture in India and an offshore development centre in Vietnam, CyberLogitec is focused on a global expansion beginning with plans to improve its market position in Asia. The company looks to expand its scope in Europe and the Middle East.

“Asia is a very important business territory for us, but logistics is a global business,” Choi says. “A container may be exported from Shanghai, but its consignee may be from the United States. Though Asia is the biggest market, our plan to expand internationally isn’t just our target – it’s a necessity.”