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Eusu steers future of shipping with information technology and innovative total logistics

Navigating the seas since 1949, the company has contributed to the global economy by connecting continents and facilitating trade

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 11:50am
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 11:50am

The roughest seas bring to shore the toughest survivors. When one of the biggest storms in recent history hit the global shipping industry, Eusu Holdings came out stronger, wiser – and ready for more challenges in the future.

Formerly Hanjin Shipping Holdings, Eusu gradually transformed from an operating company into a future-oriented group. Navigating the seas since 1949, the company has contributed to the global economy by connecting continents and facilitating trade. When it launched as Eusu in 2009, it committed to transcending its achievements by establishing a management system that strengthens the transparency and efficiency of corporate governance management.

The group exemplified such commitment in 2015, when Eusu bounced back from a huge loss amid the global shipping industry financial crisis to a net profit of about US$40.8 million.

“Eusu’s subsidiaries played a significant role in the group’s successful recovery, particularly total logistics company Eusu Logistics and information technology (IT) consultancy firm CyberLogitec,” says Eusu chairwoman Choi Eun-young. “Eusu will continue strengthening its shareholder-centred management activities by focusing on revenue generation, establishing a vision, enhancing brand values and materialising growth strategies by expanding the business structure and pursuing stable business administration after developing new businesses.”

While Eusu’s subsidiaries remain to operate mainly in the shipping industry, the group has diversified into related innovative, solutions-driven businesses.

The shipping division comprises container and bulk marine transport, covering terminal operations and sea routes from North America to Europe, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Under its IT division, Eusu provides IT services and solutions for marine transport and logistics.

“Restructuring the business and attracting a bigger global clientele breathed new life to Eusu, but innovation and technologies will ensure that Eusu steers towards sustainability and continuity,” Choi says. “Through these, Eusu strives to boost value for the group, its subsidiaries, clients and shareholders.”