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A-SUNG prevails as trusted partner of top electronic component brands

Last year, the electronic parts distributor exceeded its goals with about US$200 million in sales, 35 per cent of which came from the overseas market

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 11:49am
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 11:49am

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Recognised as the trusted partner of top brands such as Murata, Omron, Rohm and Richtek, A-SUNG International has built a track record of dependability and steady growth.

The rising global success of the 26-year-old electronic parts distribution company is not an overnight feat. Its achievements were gained from almost three decades of building employee empowerment, a strong sales force, a solid product portfolio and trusted partnerships.

Through the years, A-SUNG’s accomplishments have also become evident in its year-on-year figures that continuously break records. Last year, the electronic parts distributor exceeded its goals with about US$200 million in sales, 35 per cent of which came from the overseas market while the domestic market share accounted for the rest.

Having started as the South Korean distribution agent of the Japanese electronic parts manufacturer Murata in 1992, A-SUNG keeps itself in the lead with an empowered workforce. “I personally believe that A-SUNG’s overall key to success is the company’s satisfied employees,” says Kwon Oh-sang, chairman and CEO.

“At A-SUNG, we allow our executives to manage their employees independently, and we empower them with the right tools. Hence, A-SUNG’s approximately 160 employees enjoy what they do and, in return, they commit to bring their best and innovative ideas in the company.”

Aside from a motivated workforce, A-SUNG’s strength further stems from its high credibility in the industry.

Since its establishment in 1992 and the creation of four offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Tianjin in China, and two offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, the South Korean company now serves more than 1,000 small business enterprises across Asia.

The company has been making global investments, refusing to be restricted to South Korea. By providing reliable and efficient service to its large customer base, A-SUNG is constantly rated as an excellent agent by vendors.

The fundamental products that we sell are Murata’s electronic component parts
Kwon Seok-il, president

“The fundamental products that we sell are Murata’s electronic component parts,” says president Kwon Seok-il. “This Japanese company has entrusted us with great confidence in distributing its products in the region. I believe that the win-win synergy between our empowered sales force and the value of the products that we distribute has become our competitive strength.”

The company is consistently approached by potential partners who offer to distribute its products. “Although we are open to partnerships, we are still strict with our evaluation process,” Kwon Seok-il says. “We want to make sure that the potential partners are aligned with A-SUNG’s philosophy and customer values.”

A-SUNG is scoping new businesses in order to maximise the quality of its product portfolio. Moving forward, Kwon Seok-il reveals that A-SUNG is investing aggressively in new technologies including voice recognition to realise internet-of-things and artificial intelligence applications.

“We understand that these new technologies will transform the future, so our goal is to achieve success in this market,” Kwon Seok-il says.

Looking further, the future for A-SUNG stays bright, according to forecasts on the electronic components market. Based on a reputable industry report, the global active electronic components market will reach US$376.9 billion by 2023. It also states that Asia-Pacific is predicted to expand at a 9.1 per cent compound annual growth rate during the period from 2015 to 2023.

Kwon Oh-sang attests to the company’s continued growth in the region. “We recognise the importance of our strong presence in the region especially in China,” Kwon Oh-sang says. “Our solid base in Vietnam is equally essential. We have strategic plans to expand our markets in India and other Southeast Asian countries. It may be difficult for global electronic component brands to enter these regional markets, hence we offer them A-SUNG’s trusted partnership.”