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Innovative mindset keeps apparel brand management firm Sejung in vogue

The well-known brand INDIAN has evolved into a multimillion-dollar brand management group

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 27 February, 2018, 11:51am
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 11:21am

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From 3D-printed dresses, solar panel jackets, Google-conductive fibres and biometric smart shirts to electronic commerce and online retail, technology is revolutionising fashion and apparel – forcing industry players to innovate or risk becoming passé in an increasingly digital age.

For Sejung, keeping up with game-changing trends is the rule rather than the exception – a habit that has secured its long-standing tenure in the Korean apparel industry. In 1974, what started as a T-shirt manufacturing company selling men’s shirts along road shops under the well-known brand INDIAN has since evolved into a multimillion-dollar brand management group with a variety of home-grown labels – driven by a commitment to adapt itself to rapidly changing consumer demands and market trends.

“Sejung is seen as a traditional company, but we’ve taken steps to digitalise,” says Park Yi-ra, Vice President. “One of our strategies right now is to go online and try to see what we can do with the existing infrastructure and the business offline using an omni-channel approach to transform and utilise the entire enterprise. It’s a fine line balancing the changes in society and the love and loyalty our customers have for our brands.”

Apart from carrying iconic Korean apparel brands such as INDIAN and Olivia Lauren – focusing on sophisticated and high-quality clothing for male and female adults respectively – Sejung has set its sights on a wider and more international demographic with contemporary brands for the next generation.

Sejung is seen as a traditional company, but we’ve taken steps to digitalise
Park Yi-ra, Vice President

Inspired by street fashion, NII offers sporty, elegant and casual designs for the youth market. CHRIS.CHRISTY specialises in a stylish mix of casual wear with formal elegance for young adults in their 20s and 30s, while DIDIER DUBOT is a jewellery brand embodying the concept of French sensuality for women.

Proving its pioneering role as an industry trailblazer, Sejung also launched South Korea’s first online styling service two years ago called Your Stylist, which has been gaining momentum and attracting international interest from countries such as China.

“Globalisation is another of our key strategies, so getting our brands out into the global market with digitalisation as a tool to make that happen is important,” Park says. “Going international is obviously the stepping stone for the next generation and where we want to take the company.”

As part of its globalisation strategy, Sejung welcomes key strategic partners in Southeast Asia, who can help amplify the company’s brands within local markets and collaborate on interesting new projects.