Christian Buhlmann, chairman

TrustConsult builds upon relationship with clients

The company believes in a personal approach, which earns customers’ faith

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Cross-border corporate and tax structuring, administration and management may hardly be associated with personal relationships – but for TrustConsult Group, it all begins with a friendly face and hard-earned trust.

“Trust is foremost a people’s business. People want to talk to people; they enjoy a personal relationship,” says Christian Bühlmann, chairman of TrustConsult. “Many firms provide professional, highly technical services, but only a few engage clients on a deeper, perceptive level. For our high-net-worth and corporate clients who entrust us with substantial assets over long periods of time, that makes all the difference.”

Complementing its core business, the group established PrivateTrust Partners in 2014 as a merger and acquisitions boutique in private equity and real estate. Last year, it launched TrustConsult Fund Solutions to address process and cost optimisation of clients’ investment funds, covering structuring aspects from legal and tax perspectives to operational, regulatory and technical.

Many firms provide professional, highly technical services, but only a few like us engage clients on a deeper, perceptive level
Christian Bühlmann, chairman

Originating from Luxembourg in 2002, the mid-sized group takes pride in upholding its personal approach even after expanding to other key jurisdictions. These include Belgium, Switzerland, Britain, Mauritius, Turkey, Hong Kong and mainland China, which it sees as the new “banker” of the world with its enormous cash reserves, yet unoptimised potential.

“We have learned that the best way to attract new clients is by delivering best quality to existing clients,” Bühlmann says. “We have experienced Chinese
who are sensitive to the personalised approach, consistency and timely response, while preserving and also being very much centred on confidentiality.”

Traditional markets for wealth and corporate structuring such as Luxembourg and Switzerland are not relevant but in the lead.

“China is becoming a key partner country that can allocate substantial financial resources to quality European businesses,” Bühlmann says. “TrustConsult is helping to structure and manage these ownership structures.“