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Mannaz drives organisational change from within the ranks

Mannaz seeks to work with Asian businesses to strengthen their internal capabilities and empower leaders with an international perspective

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 June, 2017, 3:07pm
UPDATED : Friday, 30 June, 2017, 3:07pm

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Organisational agility is a challenge many companies face when implementing crucial changes in resources, processes and underlying strategies. Everything is changing faster. Modern organisations are complex and leaders find themselves having to lead multiple types of employees in varying styles and speeds. Redefining the role of consultants during a transformation period, international consultancy firm Mannaz empowers people and organisations to create sustainable value and lasting impact by taking charge and changing from within.

Mannaz provides education, consulting and outsourcing services. Aside from its executive management and leadership programmes, the Mannaz range of consulting services focus on organisational, leadership and talent development, along with change management.

By enabling and facilitating change with impact, people and organisations become the driving force in shaping their own future. Mannaz encompasses the entire leadership and talent development life cycle from assessment and design to facilitation and impact assessment – hereby growing people and organisations by developing the capabilities they need in a truly transformational and lasting way.

“We enable and facilitate,” says CEO Claus Rydkjær. “We build up the skills in an organisation so that they are able to lead it themselves – co-piloting and coaching until they become comfortable in driving change.”

Although management styles are changing all over Asia, many companies still follow a somewhat top-down approach. In organisations where the traditional business continues to operate as the stable part of the organisation, other parts of the business may have a significantly different culture, governance structures and leadership practices. To navigate this fragmented, rapidly changing and unpredictable reality, Mannaz strives to empower Asian businesses with the capabilities required to meet new challenges.

“Today’s complex business reality means that executives require a new set of lenses, concepts and practices,” Rydkjær says. “Mannaz calls this a ‘multispeed perspective’, and the key is to optimise governance and leadership to match these different and co-existing realities.”

Mannaz seeks to work with Asian businesses to strengthen their internal capabilities and empower leaders with an international perspective. To establish connections in Asia, Mannaz holds monthly breakfast meetings and meets leaders in conferences such as the Training & Development Asia 2017.