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NNIT secures companies in highly regulated industries with best IT practices

IT services and consultancy provider develops solutions and applications to help companies manage disruptions within highly regulated and audited environments

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 June, 2017, 3:34pm
UPDATED : Friday, 30 June, 2017, 3:40pm

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The emerging digital economy is transforming all industries, and the disruptions are more complicated within highly regulated sectors such as health care, food and financial services. To drive innovation and growth, companies are increasingly depending on agile information technology (IT) solutions. NNIT, a leading IT services and consultancy provider, is fully equipped to help businesses compete in the digital age.

“Disruptive elements have been going on for decades and that is nothing new,” says Per Kogut, CEO. “Our advisory services have been dealing with these disruptions for years, particularly within highly regulated and audited environments. We develop solutions and applications, and implement standardised platforms to help companies manage these changes.”

A spin-off of global health care company Novo Nordisk’s IT unit, NNIT applies the latest advances in technology to make software development, business processes and communication more effective for clients in various industries. Its technical expertise is sought worldwide, particularly its deep understanding of the demands of international regulatory bodies such as the United States Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency.

We aim to be the top adviser to government and pharmaceuticals in Asia when it comes to running IT systems
Per Kogut, CEO, NNIT

“A server is not just a server,” Kogut says. “Behind the cloud, there is a lot of physics. Maintaining a server for companies in an area that is highly regulated, such as in food, medicine or health care, is crucial because there are very strict regulatory conditions.”

NNIT’s solid background in supporting the pharmaceutical industry allows it to meet the highest requirements for quality, security and standardisation. As implementing IT development and support services can be prohibitive for some businesses, NNIT ensures its best-practice IT solutions can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s existing system using established standards and methods from Dell EMC, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and HP.

“Our technology secures the validity of customers’ current investments,” Kogut says. “Implementation of our IT offerings saves our clients a lot of money and frustration.”

With a number of its Danish clients expanding beyond borders and into Asia, NNIT is keen on following its customers to support them within the region. Working with system providers and technological partners, NNIT also seeks to serve mid-sized and tier-two pharmaceutical companies in China and European players all over Asia through its offices in Tianjin in China and Manila in the Philippines.

“We aim to be the top adviser to government and pharmaceuticals in Asia when it comes to running IT systems,” Kogut says. “We are passionate about helping organisations comply with local and international regulations.”