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Schloss Wachenheim sees bubbling opportunities in Asia for sparkling wine business

Company has a burgeoning presence across the Asia region, and is adapting many of its wine flavours to suit local palates

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 March, 2017, 4:43pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 02 March, 2017, 4:43pm

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One of Germany’s oldest sparkling wine manufacturers, Schloss Wachenheim, has been cultivating the supreme art of wine production since 1888. Based in Trier, the company has business segments in France and central eastern Europe.

“Besides the German wine route, we also source wines from southern Europe and use only premium raw materials to provide outstanding products with excellent taste,” says Oliver Gloden, chairman of the management board. As testament to its high quality, the company has earned certification from IFS Food and the British Retail Consortium.

Börse Frankfurt-listed Schloss Wachenheim exports to 80 countries and works with importers as its routes to markets. With strong expertise in blending technology, product labelling and design, the company also offers exclusive and private label brands in Asia. It has a burgeoning presence in mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam.

“Maintaining a good price-quality relationship demonstrates our commitment to quality yet affordable products, and providing customers with exclusivity to help build their brands sets us apart from the competition,” Gloden says.

We anticipate the market needs and adapt our new flavours according to local preferences
Oliver Gloden, Schloss Wachenheim

For its non-alcoholic segment, its popular brands include children’s party drink Robby Bubble and alcohol-free sparkling wine Light Live.

The company plans to bring to Asia its namesake premium brand and its aromatised, wine-based cocktail Bar Royal. Bar Royal is available in refreshing flavours including lychee, which is expected to appeal to the Chinese market. Since innovation is part of the company philosophy, Schloss Wachenheim is working with an importer in Taiwan to create a customised flavour to suit the local palate.

“We are flexible and customer-oriented. We anticipate the market needs and adapt our new flavours according to local preferences,” Gloden says.

In Asia, the company eyes new markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan, particularly the small- and medium-scale retailers and hospitality segments, and plans to generate more market share through an online sales channel in China in collaboration with its current importer. It seeks partnerships with local importers to serve as its brand ambassadors.

Schloss Wachenheim