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Akira Ishihara, president and CEO.

Nippon Molding takes eco-friendly, high-quality packaging solutions across Asia

  • Nippon Molding’s quick lead times, reasonable prices and customisable options have drawn many notable brands to work with it, including Hewlett-Packard and Sony
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While most manufacturers and consumers are content with containers that are sturdy, safe, well-designed and affordable, packaging can tell stories beyond that. Nippon Molding blends its ecologically sound narrative with premier production standards, developing high-quality recycled pulp packaging solutions for various industries in Japan and overseas. 

“Our narrative is about giving back to the local communities and contributing to society by treating paper waste disposal issues,” says Akira Ishihara, president and CEO. “It is not our objective to maximise profits. It’s to strike a balance.”

For more than half a century, Nippon Molding has been highly acclaimed for its expertise in utilising paper waste to create shock-absorbent, durable, lightweight rigs for securing and containing food and technology products. Nippon Molding’s quick lead times, reasonable prices and customisable options have drawn many notable brands to work with it, including Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Canon, to name a few.

Nippon Molding also prioritises research and development efforts with its latest innovations. Having been the first in Japan to create new concept pulp-moulded frozen food containers, the company also produces sophisticated paper packaging to aid cosmetics companies in switching out from using common plastic. Additionally, Nippon Molding produces water-repellent and oil-resistant medical products, cushioning materials for automotive parts, and many more.

While it enjoys its success in the private sector, Nippon Molding is focused most on achieving its strict sustainable development goals by collaborating with local governments to reduce garbage output. Through these initiatives, the company sources its own raw materials, collecting truckloads of the city’s discarded papers.

With factories in Thailand and Mexico, Nippon Molding seeks collaborations with more companies with similar sustainable development goals. It is also open to e-commerce opportunities and partnerships with logistics systems companies and distributors.

“Our gates are open to new partners and opportunities,” says Takehiro Ishihara, executive managing director. “We are developing our factories in Vietnam and the Philippines to satisfy increasing customer demands and fulfil our vision of covering the entire Asian continent.”