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Mitsuo Inada, president.

The Pack Corp wraps the planet in more sustainable total packaging solutions

  • The Pack develops highly customised, eco-friendly flat-bottom paper handbags, food wrappers and other complete packaging solutions to many industries
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From the old world and into the new, Japan’s leading packaging specialist, The Pack Corp, has stood by one credo – respect for everyone and the environment. This corporate motto has served its employees, customers and business partners well since the company started manufacturing wooden boxes for kimonos and wooden travelling suitcases in 1878. Today, The Pack develops highly customised, eco-friendly flat-bottom paper handbags, food wrappers and other complete packaging solutions to many industries, while creating distinct packaging equipment for clients venturing into e-commerce.

“Through careful consultations with our customers, we are able to create original proposals that turn simple packaging products into distinct sources of value, benefit and happiness for our clients,” says company president Mitsuo Inada. “We exert every effort to give our customers that extra added value they need to excel in the market.”

With subsidiaries in New York, Philadelphia, Shanghai and Changshu, The Pack satisfies the packaging requirements of more than 14,000 companies in the food, apparel, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, vehicle parts and e-commerce industries. The company develops original packaging for these verticals with the support of about 250 sales experts, an in-house design team and a dedicated research and development arm.

“The keyword is ‘environment’,” says managing director Michihisa Fujii. “Our major customers are becoming more and more conscious about the planet as people use less plastic packaging and other products that pollute the Earth. We are able to deliver eco-friendly packaging, and by doing so, we also support customers’ efforts to realise the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. We are continuously investing in modern equipment and processes that aim to promote this endeavour.”


The company has adopted new printing equipment that uses water-based ink and other non-solvent printing technologies. The Pack also welcomes technology partners as it supports the initiatives of convenience stores and other customers towards using paper packaging instead of plastic. Committed to sharing this philosophy with the rest of Asia and utilising its expertise in packaging, The Pack is set to double the share of the overseas market to amount to 10 per cent of its total sales in the next three to five years. The company plans to initially serve existing American and European customers who are expanding their operations into Southeast Asia. To support this initiative, The Pack is developing automated packaging equipment designed for clients faced with higher manpower requirements as they expand their e-commerce business.

“We have the dual goal of protecting the environment and taking care of all the people around us,” Inada says. “We have been committed to this corporate policy since our foundation 143 years ago and are dedicated to sustain it well into the future.”