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VanaH hydrogen silica natural water nurtures health and nature with rare minerals from Mount Fuji

VanaH envisions a world inhabited by healthy people by offering natural drinking water

PUBLISHED : Monday, 15 October, 2018, 2:00pm
UPDATED : Monday, 15 October, 2018, 2:00pm

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Linked to almost everything in the world, water is essential for human existence and the earth’s sustainability. Water safety and quality are fundamental to health, and in an era of water shortages where half of the world’s population could be living in water-stressed areas by 2025, hydrogen silica natural water producer VanaH applies its technological know-how to promote wellness and to protect the environment.

VanaH envisions a healthy world inhabited by healthy people. Offering pure and natural drinking water straight from the depths of Mount Fuji, VanaH collaborates with local communities, established beverage companies and international markets to expand its business while giving back to society.

We offer superior quality and service to satisfy our customers, and to deliver safe water to more people for many years to come.
Hisao Ishiyama, president.

Located within the Mount Fuji National Park and surrounded by nothing but peace and a verdant forest, VanaH’s production plant is unlike other manufacturing facilities. Elegant brick exterior and hotel-like interiors greet customers with a warm and serene feeling as abundant sunlight and air flow through the area. The factory is open for tours as VanaH welcomes visitors to witness the making of the company’s pride – hydrogen silica natural water.

Delicious hydrogen silica natural water nurtured by nature

Drawn from the deep underground, VanaH’s hydrogen silica natural water acquires its delicious taste from the distinct geology of the revered Mount Fuji. The volcano is made up of a stratum of basaltic rocks formed through a series of eruptions. Over time, rainwater and snow that seep into the ground pass through a 1,000-metre basaltic rock layer, springing up fresh mineral water from the base of Mount Fuji. VanaH hydrogen silica natural water found at the foot of Mount Fuji is gaining popularity because it contains a lot of natural hydrogen, natural silicon and natural vanadium.

VanaH’s hydrogen silica natural water goes through a 24-hour fully automated production line and is bottled in a clean room environment. The clean rooms are highly regulated contained spaces where provisions are done to reduce particle contamination and control environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and pressure. Incorporating cutting-edge equipment and advanced production technology, VanaH applies a room-temperature sterilisation and filtration bottling system that is based on intensive hygiene management.

At the VanaH Production Plant No 1, the main factory adopts a non-heated aseptic filtered filling system that rates above world standards.

“We produce products that provide peace of mind by conducting bottle sterilisation and cleaning processes in a class 1000 clean room, one of the best clean rooms in Japan, and filling bottles in a sterilised class 100 clean room,” says Hisao Ishiyama, president.

VanaH follows the class 1000 and 100 clean room standards of air cleanliness used by Nasa for its space ships. Class 1000 means there are 1,000 or less particles such as bacteria or dust that are 0.2 micron or larger per cubic foot. At Production Plant No 1, the class 1000 clean room has an actual particle count of only 120 to 160 particles per cubic foot, and the plant’s class 100 clean room has none. In comparison, a typical household contains 400,000 to 600,000 particles per cubic foot.

VanaH has also acquired international quality, environment and food safety management system certifications. “We offer superior quality and service to satisfy our customers, and to deliver safe water to more people for many years to come,” Ishiyama says.

Natural water that heals and protects

Witnessing VanaH hydrogen silica natural water’s reputation and large following, Unesco water programme specialist Dr Ai Sugiura investigated and commented about the components that make VanaH hydrogen silica natural water exceptional. Sugiura discovered that hydrogen suppresses and reduces oxidative stress. Oxidation happens when bodies convert the oxygen that people breathe into energy. This process generates free radicals that interact with molecules within the body’s cells, resulting in damage or stress. Vanadium is a mineral component present in living organisms such as calcium and magnesium. Vanadium is used for treating diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and anaemia, among others. It is also taken as a supplement to improve athletic performance in weight training and to prevent cancer. A non-metallic element present on the earth’s crust, silicon can be seen in the skin and bones. It is said to be good for weak bones, sprains, skin healing and digestive system disorders, and can prevent cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Crucial cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI) test

According to water specialist Sugiura, people can learn more about their vascular age by taking the CAVI test. In a nutshell, as blood vessels mature, they lose pliability and harden, resulting in arteriosclerosis. The symptoms of this condition are hardly noticeable at the onset until it develops into a major disease. Arteriosclerosis is also called the “silent killer”, causing many problems such as cerebral haemorrhage, cardiac infarctions and other lethal diseases. Determining the blood vessel age measures the degree to which arteriosclerosis has progressed, and serves as a monitor for prevention.

About oxidation-reduction potential

Sugiura further says VanaH hydrogen silica natural water has a low measured value of oxidation-reduction potential, and with continuous drinking, people achieved excellent CAVI test measurement results.

Oxidation-reduction potential is an indicator that measures the oxidising and reducing power that a substance has. Oxidising power refers to a substance combining with oxygen such as when a material rusts. Reducing power, on the other hand, refers to a substance returning to its original state. One example is the act of restoring the original sparkle of rusty substances. The lower the measured value of the oxidation-reduction potential, the stronger the reducing power. Citing an analysis conducted by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization in Japan and another third-party research institute, VanaH revealed its hydrogen-rich water showed outstanding value results for oxidation-reduction potential. This means VanaH water helps reduce the amount of active oxygen in the body, which is one of the leading causes of age acceleration.

In another experimental study conducted by professor Marie Amitani from the Kagoshima University Graduate School of Medicine, natural hydrogen water was factored into measuring glucose levels in type 1 diabetic mice. Using VanaH hydrogen silica natural water in the research, the study demonstrates that hydrogen exerts metabolic effects similar to those of insulin and may be a novel therapeutic alternative for controlling diabetes. The results were posted by academic papers worldwide, including the Public Library of Science (PLOS) in its PLOS One journal in 2013. PLOS is the biggest non-profit open-access publisher established in 2000 with a hub in Cambridge, England. Its academic journal is one of the preferred publications worldwide of writers who wish to publish papers in the fields of science, medicine and engineering.

The company’s products and systems also conform to the standards set by the assessment committee of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization’s International Institute for Monitoring and Management of Environment and Resources.

Quenching the world’s thirst for quality and health

Each year, people from all over the world come to VanaH’s headquarters in Japan to see the Fountain of Vana and try hydrogen silica natural water during the different seasons.

“People come to taste VanaH water because drinking water, which contains hydrogen, is extremely rare,” Ishiyama says. “The Fountain of Vana shines as it flows through the scenes of the four seasons – the spring of new greenery, summer nights with the torches of people climbing the mountain, fall burning with autumn colours, and the bitter cold winter.”

Apart from accommodating visitors yearly to showcase its unparalleled capabilities, VanaH participates in health discussions overseas. It is a member of the China National Health Association’s Drinking Healthy Committee, established by China’s Ministry of Health. VanaH is the first foreign company to pass the committee’s strict screening, and has also been appointed vice-chairman.

The company also supports major festivals, sports events and international tournaments. It is the main sponsor of the Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club of the Chinese Super League, and has been backing the KBC Augusta golf tournament – Japan’s oldest men’s professional golf event – for many years.

Other sports events where VanaH hydrogen silica natural water is featured include professional baseball and boxing games, various marathon or running events and ladies’ golf and volleyball tournaments across the country.

Sold in two sizes – 2,000ml and 500ml plastic bottles – VanaH hydrogen silica natural water can be used for drinking, cooking and more. The company welcomes partnerships with food and beverage companies interested in distributing premium and healthy natural water locally and abroad. To date, VanaH products can be purchased online and through dealers across Japan.

Keen to be a top water brand globally, VanaH is bolstering its expansion and marketing strategies. Plans to open shops outside Japan are under way.

“Water is the source of life for all people,” Ishiyama says. “We always emphasise the Japanese traditional culture of monozukuri, which means manufacturing under thorough quality control. We will continue to introduce high-quality and safe products, and we want to deliver to everyone.”