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  • Philippine business community responds enthusiastically to the launch of Discovery Communications
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With a population of more than 100 million, a growing middle class and robust public infrastructure spending, the Philippines has become one of Asia’s most promising economies. Discovery Reports Group (DRG), in collaboration with the South China Morning Post, has captured this excitement in today’s issue of the 2019 Philippines Business Report.

A global leading media company with two decades of strategic content development experience, DRG has received an enthusiastic response from the Philippine business community to the launch of Discovery Communications. The group’s new writing services division is dedicated to help clients create captivating and concise messaging and branding.

In this age when everyone is trying to grab everybody’s attention, we make sure our clients’ messages stand out with utmost clarity and impact
Angela Gaspar, managing partner

“Our expertise in engaging high-level decision makers and creating content that motivates business development has given us a robust foundation for individual client work,” says Angela Gaspar, DRG managing partner. “We speak the language of our clients’ partners and customers. We’ve spent countless hours with top executives and government officials from across the globe to understand their aspirations, cultural nuances and other idiosyncrasies.”

Discovery Communications offers professional and comprehensive content creation – including editorial support for all corporate publications from web content, press releases, brochures, blogs and newsletters to annual reports and company presentations. It guarantees high-quality and high-value messages adhering to international standards of editorial excellence.

Discovery Communications leverages on the group’s best-in-class team of professionals in research, analysis, reporting, correspondence, production and writing. It is also backed by DRG’s expertise in connecting global businesses with a strong Asian readership of potential investors, partners, distributors and clients. Overall, the group has worked with more than 15,000 high-level decision makers from Fortune 500 companies, government bodies and start-ups across 27 countries.

“We transfer our global experience, passion for storytelling and artistic inclination to our work for our clients,” Gaspar says. “In this age when everyone is trying to grab everybody’s attention, we make sure our clients’ messages stand out with utmost clarity and impact.”