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K.E. Tan, managing director

Bio-X and Biovectrol deliver holistic protection of human, animal and plant life

  • For socially responsible company Bio-X Global, hope always springs anew as it applies biotechnology know-how to offer safe, effective and ecologically balanced products
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From the beginning of time, humanity and nature have worked together to ensure a healthy, bountiful and sustainable life. Humans took the role of caretaker while nature delighted in bestowing the needed resources to survive. It is an ideal set-up, but one that is increasingly being tainted by abuse, excess and indifference today. This eroding balance between human activities and nature has resulted in numerous health, sanitation, agricultural and environmental concerns globally.

The world faces seemingly insurmountable health and hygiene issues, but for socially responsible company Bio-X Global, hope always springs anew as it applies biotechnology know-how to offer safe, effective and ecologically balanced products that protect humans, animals, crops and the planet.

“Our multifunctional product is ultra-safe,” says K.E. Tan, managing director. “Our solution has been tested and proven as a powerful disinfectant, deodoriser, plant growth enhancer, an organic fungicide, insecticide, and ovicidal and larvicidal that is critical in breaking the breeding cycle of mosquitoes and harmful insects.”

Bio-X Global’s claims seem too good to be true, but several pieces of evidence point to a distinctly superior product – an advantage that has also affected Bio-X Global’s market penetration.

“We serve a wide industry including agriculture, animal hygiene, commercial sanitation, public health and consumer,” Tan says.

Branded as Biovectrol for the agricultural and industrial sectors, and Bio-X for the consumer and public sanitation spaces, the company’s water-based, biodegradable and photodegradable solution contains tough herbal extracts and active ingredients that are non-poisonous. Certified by the World Health Organization and various international agencies, the insecticide’s active ingredient toxicity level is 14 times safer than table salt and two times sounder than sugar. It is non-carcinogenic, and with a long-lasting residue effect, it remains active for several weeks after application.

“Bio-X Kleanze is an organic disinfectant that has also been proven by Eurofins to work against the coronavirus,” Tan says. “Various tests such as eye, skin sensitisation and inhalation tests have been carried out and proven safe for mammals. As such, the best approach to control the spread of germs like the coronavirus, is to add our solution into the humidifier or ventilation system to protect the environment 24/7.

“Also, as a pesticide, Bio-X or Biovectrol is the only product in the market to receive a green label from the Singapore Environment Council.”

The Bio-X solution was formulated by brilliant chemist Keisuke Okada two decades ago. Food conglomerates, animal organisations, public and commercial establishments across the region testify to the product’s potency. Charoen Pokphand in Thailand has been using Biovectrol for more than 10 years to disinfect its animal farms. It reports a significant reduction in mortality rate. As a result of a cleaner environment, it also lessened its use of antibiotics.

Animal aquaculture company Japfa, which operates modern farming facilities in Indonesia and other parts of Asia, also applied the solution to its chicken farm in Vietnam and noticed an increased rate in chicken growth. Closer to home, the Singapore Turf Club has been using the solution exclusively for the past 15 years to ensure the fitness and safety of its horses and facilities.

With a holistic approach, Bio-X Global seeks to eliminate the root cause that links the complex web of pests, germs, fungi and foul smell. Strengthening the harmonious relationship between people and the environment, Bio-X Global aims to be that drop that creates a ripple capping the healthy well-being of humans and the planet.

“We are a small player trying to address a big issue, so we need all the help we can get,” Tan says. “We welcome any opportunity with research and development partners or specialist distributors to grow. We keep on persevering to benefit people and the world we live in.”