Switzerland Business Report 2017

Meylan Frères carves technology and efficiency into progressive tools

Company tailors optimised solutions to clients’ machining projects, creating efficient and reliable tooling processes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 March, 2017, 12:35pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 March, 2017, 12:35pm

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Time and again, Meylan Frères has pushed the limits of possibility to produce highly specialised components using its progressive press stamping and die blanking technology. As one of the world’s avant-garde die blanking technology leaders, the family-owned Swiss company continues to surmount boundaries as it collaborates with agents and partners in Asia to advance its microtechnical expertise.

Meylan Frères offers one-step tooling solutions to a diverse group of customers including top players in the watchmaking, electronics, automotive, aeronautics and medical sectors.

“Our goal is to find a way for our customers to make complete parts without need of a full operation,” says Christian Meylan, managing director. “We always try to find a solution by stamping complete parts, but we also go further beyond the limits of the stamping technology.”

Our goal is to find a way for our customers to make complete parts without need of a full operation
Christian Meylan, managing director, Meylan Frères

By tailoring optimised solutions to clients’ most ambitious machining projects, Meylan Frères creates efficient and highly reliable tooling processes. Fully accountable for part production including maintenance, repair and value-added support services such as polishing and treatments, the company also added a quality control function in its workshop through its own contactless measuring machine Micro-Speed.

“We’re focused on producing the tiny parts, especially the difficult, complex materials, and we can show customers how to finalise each article to make it more efficient in a realistic production,” Meylan says. “We don’t just design a tool, we also design complete production lines.”

Meylan Frères leverages its 40-year experience in providing Swiss precision to watchmakers in Switzerland and worldwide to connect with development partners in the emerging medical device field. With Asia’s ageing populations growing by the day, Meylan Frères is in a sweet spot to serve the market for assistive listening devices.

“We are independent and that’s an advantage to the different names in the watch industry and other industries,” Meylan says. “We seek to grow our network of partners in Asia.”

Meylan Frères