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Urs Hartmann, CEO

INTEGRA accelerates science with productive pipetting solutions

  • INTEGRA is committed to making researchers’ lives simpler by making their instruments more efficient and accurate, all to deliver results with the highest precision
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In the life sciences field, where precision and ease of use are critical points, deviating from measurements by even just the smallest fraction is more than enough to alter a specimen or a sample. INTEGRA Biosciences equips scientists with innovative solutions for productive liquid handling, to help them hurdle the many challenges posed by the highly sensitive nature of research, diagnostics and quality control within the life sciences and medical industries.

Established in 1965, INTEGRA revolutionises precise liquid transfers with state-of-the-art manual, electronic and automated pipettes and robots developed in-house. The company develops proprietary solutions from a single transfer up to 384-well plate, featuring patented GripTip pipette tips to prevent leaks.

“We accelerate science together. We commit to making the lives of researchers simpler. By making the instruments they use more efficient and accurate, we help them deliver results with the highest precision. This mindset drives us to define our instruments, which are industry benchmarks,” says CEO Urs Hartmann.

Merging with American firm VIAFLO in 2009, INTEGRA today is an amalgamation of the engineering innovation capacity of the Swiss organisation, and the ideas and drive of its American counterpart. Since the merger, INTEGRA has focused on capacity building to serve the increasing needs of clients and ensure quick turnaround times.


INTEGRA maintains a direct sales channel with customers to keep communication lines open. In doing so, INTEGRA receives valuable feedback from users, granting it the flexibility to respond on demand. In Asia-Pacific, INTEGRA has established its own sales and support entities in China and Japan to support the market. It also works with exclusive distributors in South Korea and Australia.

“Demand and understanding of science continue to grow. Thanks to increased capacity, further expansion is on its way. We will keep our commitment to deliver the highest quality required by our clients,” Hartmann says.

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