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WW Holding behind many top Chinese, international fashion and sports brands

  • WW Holding has become the largest luxury bag and luggage manufacturer serving more than 300 brands worldwide
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2018, 5:03pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2018, 5:02pm

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Careful thought, precise craftsmanship and an advanced production system go into the making of each luxury leather bag, item of travel luggage, or top-of-the-line sports gear. Consequently, leading lifestyle and sports brands trust only the best manufacturing and supply chain management companies to create products that meet the design and quality demands of sophisticated markets.

In Asia, two production companies are renowned in the world of fashion and sports goods manufacturing: Wilson Group Holdings and Wellpower Sporting Goods. Supplying high-quality lifestyle and recreational products to top international brands such as Nike and Tumi, the two companies merged their specialities in 2014 and are now known as WW Holding.Through diversification and sensible expansion, WW Holding has become the largest luxury bag and luggage manufacturer, serving more than 300 brands worldwide.

We stretch our imagination to determine the best material to meet clients’ requirements and expectations
Kent Hong, chairman and CEO

Following its acquisition last year of world-class luggage maker TWT Manufacturing in Thailand, which primarily serves Tumi, the company seeks to gain more notable brands in the midterm to solidify its growth.

With production capacities in China, and expanded facilities in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, the powerhouse Taiwanese management-led entity works with more than a hundred material manufacturers while nurturing close ties with global exporter Guang Der Group Holding.

“We stretch our imagination to determine the best material to meet clients’ requirements and expectations,” says Kent Hong, chairman and CEO of WW Holding. “We design everything for the customer – materials, colour, process and packaging.”

Applying virtual reality software in its design process last year, WW Holding significantly reduced the cost and time to obtain design and material approvals from clients. All product information and production plans can now be securely and conveniently sent online for agile feedback and collaboration.

Its long-standing partnership with Nike, which involves production, distribution and retail activities, has also bolstered its niche expertise and research and development (R&D) capabilities.

“We have a strategic arrangement for our manufacturing facilities, depending on the geographic availability of the different materials, cost levels and design probabilities,” says A.P. Chen, chief strategy officer.

“As a result, we developed into a premium, vertically integrated vendor and one-stop solution provider – from material sourcing and design to production and distribution.”

Reinvesting a significant part of its earnings into R&D, WW Holding welcomes more partners to create synergies that promote growth as it champions its own brand AQ. “We are focused on Asia, and we plan to raise our investments in R&D,” Hong says. “This is our focal point, the key to drive long-term sustainability and growth.”