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Filling machinery expert TFTC sustains growth through solid R&D and customer referrals

  • TFTC develops filling machines for a wide range of industries, particularly F&B
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 November, 2018, 10:03am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 November, 2018, 10:03am

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Since it started in the 1970s, Taiwan Filler Tech (TFTC) has grown its filling machine manufacturing business through positive word-of-mouth promotion. Enjoying credibility within a wide range of industries, particularly food and beverage (F&B), pharmaceutical and personal care, TFTC nurtures satisfied customers who have been steering dozens of new ones to use TFTC equipment for decades.

A reliable partner in the liquid filling industry, TFTC provides professional processing and packaging system designs, and equipment commissioning services for all types of beverages and liquid products.

“We match our offerings to our customers’ requirements,” says Chang Shui-yu, TFTC president. “We provide equipment for any liquid solution.”

At least 20 per cent of our personnel are highly specialised engineers and technical designers
Chang Shui-yu, president

TFTC develops filling machines depending on the characteristics, viscosity and packaging material of the liquid product. The company’s filling equipment include the gravity type filler for products such as fresh milk, juice and yogurt drinks; convection type fillers for hot tea drinks, non-granule juices and mineral water; piston and high-vacuum fillers for higher viscosity products such as sauces, tomato ketchup and thick chilli sauce; pressure fillers, which are used to fill glass or plastic bottles and cans with carbonated drinks such as champagne, soda water and soft drinks; and flow meter and weight-type fillers for products that need aseptic filling or a longer shelf life.

Present in 30 countries, TFTC serves the region’s leading F&B companies, including Uni-President Enterprises, Wei Chuan, I-Mei Foods, Kuang Chuan Dairy, HeySong Group, Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise in Taiwan; and Mengniu Dairy, Yili Group, Julebao, Bright Dairy and Food and Master Kong in China.

It also serves Indolakto, Mayora Indah and FrieslandCampina in Indonesia; Ichitan Group, Oishi Group, Boon Rawd Brewery, Toyopack International and Chang Beer in Thailand; and Shibuya Kogyo, Calpis and Mitsui in Japan, to name just a few.

“With 180 employees, we can respond more quickly and provide customers with excellent production solutions and after-sales services, be it standardised, customised or turnkey,” Chang says.

As one of the latest to enter the F&B machinery industry in Taiwan, TFTC focused on serving the more sensitive dairy product sector. Reinvesting at least 10 per cent of its earnings in research and development (R&D), TFTC strives to continuously improve the filling accuracy rates of its machines, while ensuring ease of use for operators and providing unparalleled after-sales service.

Once machines are installed on-site, TFTC’s computer system records issues occurring at the site based on engineers’ reports and customer feedback. TFTC also uses an after-sales system to build a complete record of a customer’s product maintenance and spare parts history.

“This area requires a strong technical background, which is why at least 20 per cent of our personnel are highly specialised engineers and technical designers,” Chang says. “We do not produce the machine unless we get the order. We focus on building efficient factories to ensure quality.”

TFTC started engineering aseptic filling lines in 2009. Its strongest engineering advantage lies in the integration of turnkey solutions from processing to packaging.

TFTC’s solutions allow customers to run the lines within a short installation and commissioning time, and optimise the lines in a short production time. “TFTC’s turnkey solutions help our customers save time and investment,” Chang says.

As the company adapts to advances in manufacturing at the onset of Industry 4.0, TFTC welcomes technology partners to further create synergies and develop solutions for automated and smart factories. It is also focused on strengthening the quality of its machines, while reducing prices to deliver value-for-money solutions to clients.

“We want to help customers build smart factories,” Chang says. “We will continue to develop more durable machines with better qualities at lower costs, and we will keep on strengthening our after-sales software to provide better value for our customers.”