Su -Raj Inter Gold’s staff celebrating this year’s annual awards night

Su-Raj Inter Gold turns to fashion for jewellery inspiration

  • In the 13 years since the company began manufacturing its own jewellery, it has already been placed among the top 4 in Thailand
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For older generations, intricate gold bands and chains adorned with brilliantly cut gemstones are the perfect investments – making for excellent heirloom pieces. Although this still stands true today, many people, especially the younger ones, see jewellery as fashion accents. For Thai jeweller Su-Raj Inter Gold, balancing classic styles and modern twists is the way to capture the rapidly-evolving preferences of customers worldwide.

A leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality diamond and gemstone studded jewellery, family-owned Su-Raj Inter Gold is a one-stop shop for all jewellery needs. From one end of the spectrum to the luxury end, the company encompasses the requirement of every customer.

Su-Raj Inter Gold initially supplied loose diamonds to major jewellery manufacturing companies 25 years ago. Building on the knowledge it gained from working with its clients for jewellery, the company was inspired to further expand its scope to become a manufacturer.

In the 13-year span since the company began manufacturing its own jewellery, it has already been placed among the top 4 in Thailand. Su-Raj Inter Gold aims to reach the second or third spot by 2020.

We take great pride that our designs are imitated across other manufacturing lines
Nisha Khimava, vice-president

Su-Raj Inter Gold’s meteoric rise is due to its meticulousness and creativity. The company acquires gems from conflict-free sources to ensure business sustainability.


“We consciously choose to grow using ethically sourced materials, though the easy way would have been to overlook these,” says president Rajan Khimavat. “We definitely do not want to be responsible for the poverty, human rights abuse, violence, environmental degradation and other issues. Our success would not last if it were built by stepping on other fellow humans.”

To stay ahead of the game, Su-Raj Inter Gold identifies gaps in the market to create pieces that appeal to consumers. A team of designers travels the world, attending trade shows and collaborating with jewellery stores, to conceptualise new styles never before seen in the market. The company utilises computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technologies to produce high-quality jewellery pieces that last a lifetime.

Su-Raj Inter Gold is making waves across the globe with its innovative designs and brands. The company patented one of its designs under the flagship brand Love Forever Collection. The line features small clustered stones precisely angled to appear as a solitaire diamond. Love Forever products were a big hit and single-handedly gave the company the biggest break in its history.

The company’s Dazzle brand is also creating a buzz for the company as its products have been recognised as a finalist in a trade exhibition in the United States.


Mona Lisa, the third flagship brand, is the brainchild of an Italian designer. Products under this brand feature lightweight beads on bands and chains for a more modern design.

Owing to its exceptional customer support, chain stores and wholesalers in Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and the US choose Su-Raj Inter Gold as their partner.


Rising disposable incomes in Asia is the key driving force for it to be the second-biggest market for Su-Raj Inter Gold after the US. With the millennial demographic driving demand in the region, the company is turning towards more fashionable pieces for customers. It seeks partnerships with wholesalers in Asia, particularly for the Chinese market, to bring Su-Raj Inter Gold products closer to more people.

“We are trendsetters in the industry,” says vice-president Nisha Khimavat. “It is rightly said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We take great pride that our designs are imitated across other manufacturing lines. Our goal is to continue being innovative and always be the first ones to introduce new products to customers.”

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