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Thai skincare: PAÑPURI makes luxury organic beauty accessible

Thailand’s leading luxury label of organic skincare seeks investors as it exports to 20 countries

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 December, 2016, 11:02am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 December, 2016, 11:02am

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Vorravit Siripark recalls concocting local jasmine-infused water with his grandmother whenever they had guests over many years ago. Upon returning from his studies in Canada and Milan, years later, he was surprised to discover that the traditional aromatic water had almost been extinct. The local market began offering only imported fragrances and beauty products. Yearning for the familiar fragrance of jasmine water, the young entrepreneur revived the bygone practice by creating PAÑPURI. The brand was a hit and soon became Thailand’s leading luxury label of organic and natural skincare and body products, fragrances and spa services.

“I grew up with this passion,” says Vorravit, managing director. “PAÑPURI has clearly positioned itself since day one to create only products that are almost entirely made from organic and natural materials.”

We aim to make PAÑPURI synonymous with natural and organic skincare from our part of the world
Vorravit Siripark, managing director, PAÑPURI

To create PAÑPURI’s Jasmine Absolute, for instance, workers handpick the flowers just before dawn when their aroma is most intense. More than 7 million flowers need to be carefully selected to produce just 1kg of the flower’s most precious absolute. To accomplish such a rigorous process, PAÑPURI relies on its own manufacturing facilities and global supply chain.

“Luxury does not mean the traditional sense for us,” Vorravit says. “Luxury could refer to one’s green consciousness, or simply the time you give yourself. We bring all these concepts together through innovative formulations, packaging and distribution.”

This commitment has driven PAÑPURI’s growth to cover more than 40 locations throughout Thailand and more than 20 countries worldwide. To further its presence in Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, and to expand into new markets such as mainland China and Taiwan, the company is strengthening its digital marketing platform. PAÑPURI similarly welcomes investors and exclusive distribution partners comprising hotels and department stores that understand its vision.

“Our brand will be evolving into the third generation of PAÑPURI, which incorporates more environmentally friendly formulations and product presentation,” Vorravit says. “We aim to make PAÑPURI synonymous with natural and organic skincare from our part of the world.”