BSY Group CEO Yothin Tharahirunchot

Thai factories: Reputation of BSY Group as clients’ best contractor sweeps region

Thailand’s leading general contractor upgrades multinationals’ factories, seeks regional partners and plans an IPO next year

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Companies upgrading their factories in Thailand and Southeast Asia would do best to work with BSY Group. As Thailand’s leading general contractor, the company has been delivering its distinct brand of customer satisfaction. When the firm converted Procter & Gamble’s Bangkok plant into a mega factory, for instance, BSY was able to provide the required services at international standards, but at a local price point. The project demonstrated how the parties worked together to achieve the best value.

“Providing added value to clients is very important to us,” says Yothin Tharahirunchot, CEO. “Given the same building specifications, we will always be more affordable. And given the same price, we will always perform better. This is because we understand the structural requirements of many industries.”

BSY can deliver turnkey projects for buildings dedicated to manufacturing Airbus A380 doors, Ducati motorcycles, Red Bull energy drinks, medicines or milk products. As a seasoned engineer, Yothin can construct crack-free and perfectly flat floors needed in warehouses where racks rise to more than 12 metres from the floor. With its own manufacturing facilities for precast concrete and pre-engineered steel, BSY can comply with the toughest deadlines.

Overall, the company has handled more than 150 projects worth about HK$2.83 billion
Wiwan Tharahirunchot, director, BSY Group

“Overall, the company has handled more than 150 projects worth about HK$2.83 billion,” says Wiwan Tharahirunchot, director. “We have nurtured partnership with our existing clients, and many of them are repeat customers.”

Extending its reach beyond Thailand, BSY is seeking local partners in other Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar and Vietnam. To support this expansion, the company will launch its initial public offering by the third quarter of next year.

“While we have the technical and management expertise, BSY would need the country knowledge and connections of a local partner,” Yothin says. “We would like to work with companies that are sincere and committed to grow with us.”