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Global cooling: PATKOL’s ice machines bring respite from rising Asian temperatures

Ice-machine specialist expands into Asean and China with a broader range of energy efficient products

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 December, 2016, 11:02am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 December, 2016, 11:02am

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Last summer’s scorching heatwave was the longest to hit Thailand in 65 years. Soaring just as high was the demand for ice, which offered the most accessible and affordable respite to citizens – many of whom never before experienced temperatures upwards of 44 degrees Celsius.

“Even globally, 2016 has already recorded the highest temperatures, and the numbers will likely continue to rise,” says Dr Piya Chongvatana, chairman of the management committee of ice machine specialist PATKOL.

The world’s top supplier of tube ice machines, PATKOL also produces tailor-made equipment for refrigeration, food processing, dairy and beverage, and provides tanks, pressure vessels and other related parts and machines. Beyond developing energy-efficient products across product segments, however, PATKOL takes initiative in diminishing its own environmental impact.

“We take our corporate social responsibilities and environment-friendly practices seriously – even keeping temperatures at 25 degrees – and jackets off – at our headquarters in an effort to reduce power consumption,” Piya says.

The company emphasises its “friendly engineering” approach to clients, who enjoy after-sale and add-on services such as consultation and training – on top of PATKOL’s high-quality products. Among customers who have come to rely on PATKOL’s expertise are frozen foods specialists and fellow home-grown industry leaders Surapon Foods and CP Group (Zheng Da Ji Tuan) that are best known for their frozen shrimps and ready-to-cook meals.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, PATKOL aims to broaden its footprint in the Asean and China regions through its offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It also looks forward to expanding its global reach, especially for its tube ice machines, which are sold in nearly 50 countries.

“Global warming is real and it is here to stay,” Piya says. “The most we can do is alleviate its impact, try to slow it down and help each other cope with the changes. As an environment advocate and expert in refrigeration and freezing, PATKOL is ready to serve.”