A screen grab from a YouTube video of petite Japanese performer Kinoshita Yuka eating four buckets of KFC chicken live.

Five quirky, hilarious, eye-popping YouTube video hits to raise a laugh

There is more to the online video site than make-up tutorials, travel blogs and cat videos

From oddball talents to mesmerising dance skills, here are some fun (and popular) videos that you simply cannot miss.

Not a fan of Taiwanese artist Jolin Tsai? It doesn’t matter, you will still find this video hilarious. This channel invited some North Americans to watch Tsai’s latest music videos and their reaction may even be more entertaining than the videos themselves.

Mimine’s channel is not your normal cooking channel. From miniature donuts to tempura, she cooks bite-sized food that looks like it is for Lego figures. Her kitchen may be smaller than a shoebox but it’s fully stocked with knives, pots and a functional thumb-sized blender, all of which she made herself.

Love eating? Yuka Kinoshita from Japan brings that phrase to a brand new level. 100 slices of toast, four full buckets of KFC chicken or 200 pieces of sushi – you won’t believe how much this skinny girl can get down. (She really did eat everything...)

Even if you’re not into K-pop, these dancers will amaze you with their skills and creative choreography. Watch them strut their stuff.

Marcello Barenghi does not just draw simple objects – M&Ms, an Xbox 360 controller, a banknote. He brings them alive. This Snickers bar looks so realistic, you might be tempted to reach into the screen and pop it in your mouth.