Laia Costa as Victoria and Frederick Lau as Sonne in Victoria.

Hit list: 5 things to do in Hong Kong this week (August 19-25)

An immersive multimedia experience with Hong Kong indie rockers, Japanese draught beer and a one-take wonder: ideas for the week ahead

WATCH Victoria , an action-packed, 134-minute thriller set in late-night Berlin ... and filmed entirely in one take.
TAKE a trip down the tree hole with Hong Kong indie rock legends Chochukmo, who are staging an immersive multimedia concert at Kitec.
A craftsperson painting porcelain items, at Yuet Tung China Works. Photo: Antony Dickson.
VISIT Hong Kong’s first – and possibly last – hand-painted porcelain factory, that caters to celebrities and the city’s five-star hotels, and find a hidden treasure trove of jars, vases, dishes, cups and pots.
Master House, in Lan Kwai Fong. Photo: K. Y. Cheng.
SIP on some beautifully fresh and expertly poured Japanese draught beers at Master House, the first bar opened in Hong Kong showcasing Suntary’s Premium Malt beer range.
Hoc Est Simplicisismus by Hilarie Hon. Photo courtesy of Gallery Exit and Hilarie Hon.
SEE the work of four young Hong Kong oil painters who are sidestepping trends and opting instead to showcase the traditional medium at two exhibitions this summer.