Feeding Frenzy has been presented in several countries including Sweden.

Eat to the beat at Hong Kong’s first Feeding Frenzy fundraiser

This multimedia event takes the form of a cooking competition mixed with a musical performance that encompasses the sounds of cooking and eating

Feeding Frenzy, a culinary concert that brings together musicians, chefs and eager eaters, will make its Asian premiere in Hong Kong this weekend. Conceived by New York-based artist and composer Fast Forward , Feeding Frenzy has been performed in countries such as Germany, Finland and Norway.

Feeding Frenzy was conceived by New York-based composer and musician Fast Forward (above).

The fundraising event is presented by soundpocket and Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong and it will not be an orderly affair where diners silently enjoy their food while appreciating the live music. Like in any reality TV cooking competition, in the centre of the stage is a ticking clock. The four musicians will receive musical instructions a week before the concert and it will come in the form of a timeline with text instructions such as “raise the volume” and “eat”. The melody, the sounds to make and instruments to use are left entirely up to the musicians.

Steve Hui (left) and Maurice Lai at Tim’s Kitchen in Sheung Wan. Photo: David Wong
“As a musician, I’m thinking how I can eat differently from the perspective of sounds,” says Steve Hui Ngo-shan, a multidisciplinary artist who will be playing electronic music at the culinary concert.

And it will be quite a challenge for the chefs as well. “We only have 90 minutes to cook 10 dishes. That’s only nine minutes for each. There’s always the chance we don’t complete all the dishes in the end,” says Maurice Lai Yu-man, the restaurant manager of the two Michelin-starred Tim’s Kitchen Hong Kong.

Four cooks will be taking part in this Saturday’s event.

From left: Cheung Kwan-him, Hui, Lai and Wong Ka-ki. Photo: David Wong
“Rather than choosing professional chefs, we deliberately chose those with a background in art as the cooking is also part of the performance and the sounds they make during the process also contribute to the music,” says Alice Wong Ka-ki from soundpocket, which is hoping to raise HK$800,000 through the four-course concert.

Feeding Frenzy – a culinary concert, East Lounge, 56 Tsun Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Sept 24.


This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Eat to the beat at fundraiser