Review: Super Cat Tales – this Mario-style platformer is more fun than owning an actual cat

This free game offers an innovative take on the tried-and-tested 2D platformer genre, with levels that show a lot of thought has gone into it

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 December, 2016, 7:30am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 December, 2016, 7:30am

Super Cat Tales


4.5/5 stars

I’ve got a cat. He’s a little old black brat called Murphy that my girlfriend’s spoiled rotten over the years. Feeding him multiple times a day, buying him an expensive water fountain, putting out two – yes, two – litter trays in our 400 square foot flat. It’s ridiculous. And like many pampered rich kids in Hong Kong, he’s a douche.

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Worst of all, he’s nothing like the cats in Super Cat Tales, who are cool, nimble and well-designed. Super Cat Tales is a fast-paced side-scroller for mobile phones, and your only real moves are running around at various speeds, dashing off various surfaces, grabbing onto walls and climbing with your claws.

It’s a simple, Mario-style platform game, but what makes it stand out from the pack is the way it takes a fresh look at this classic genre and takes an innovative approach to the standard mechanics. Part of that is due to the sheer number of cats under your control, a series of fast-moving felines who bash through surfaces, swim across currents, dig deep into dark holes and do many other things my real-life cat can’t do.

Most importantly, Super Cat Tales features excellent level design, among the best I can remember. Frustration was never an issue, confusion hardly a concern, and the difficulty setting an ideal balance between craftiness and clear-cut ecstasy, as you keenly slink your way through the game. A lot of thought has gone into what at first appears to be a simple game, and I am impressed.

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The only problem? The game is free, but it’s filled with ads – still, less than HK$40 will solve all that, removing not only all the pop-ups but activating important power-ups.

I’ll take Super Cat Tales over the real thing, any day of the week.