Art from the game Glittermitten Grove.

Game review: Glittermitten Grove is cute but what really excites is its hidden content

Glittermitten is a fantasy-themed building game full of fairies, but hidden inside is the sequel to one of the weirdest and most wonderful games of recent times: Frog Fractions 2

Glitterman Grove

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4/5 stars

It’s hard to write to write a review of Glittermitten Grove without giving it all away, but if you’ve heard of the game, you’re probably clued in to its secret.

I’m not sure who I should warn about spoilers here – casual gamers? Cult players? Obsessive fans? So I’m just going to come out and say it: Frog Fractions.

If that means anything to you, you’re probably getting excited now. This surreal, bizarre and wonderfully weird free-to-play browser game from 2012 blew minds everywhere.

On the surface, it was a simple educational game: a frog, a lily pad and a bunch of insects. But stick with it, and it revealed itself to be one of the weirdest games ever seen, taking in everything from underwater realms to porn outlets. It’s one of those games that has to be played rather than read about.

Art from the original Frog Fractions.

On the surface, Glittermitten (for PC) is a fantasy-themed building game full of fairies and other clichés from the pre-teen girl gaming market. But it’s all a clever ruse, because the game also contains the long-awaited Frog Fractions 2. Accessing it is a challenge in itself, and one I won’t reveal here. Overall, it’s a completely different experience to the original. Irreverence was key to Frog Fractions’ uniqueness, and instead of simply following through with another spiral of strange layers, the sequel is a constantly evolving series of mini-games.

Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, grasped the key to these little vignettes, it pulls a sharp turn and changes into something absolutely inexplicable.

The game is really a series of puzzles, one without any real frog-factor, seemingly detached and without connection. This is its main drawback – the original Frog Fractions felt fresh and funny because it all made sense in a fantastically nonsensical way. Maybe it’s the hype, but this sequel never reaches the same heights.

Frog Factions 2 is still quite brilliant, especially considering its context. Glittermitten Grove, not so much. But you have to get one to have the other, and if off-the-wall games are your thing, this definitely swallows the fly.

Play Frog Factions here: