Akina Fong in The Menu.

Top 5 films to watch in Hong Kong this week: August 4-10

A seminal counterculture blockbuster, a smart Hong Kong-set hostage drama and Pedro Almodóvar’s superb melodrama about femininity are among this week’s picks

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Easy Rider.

1. Easy Rider

Two freedom-loving bikers take to the road in Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda’s 1969 counterculture blockbuster, which helped change the system and ushered in the ’70s golden age of Hollywood. (Aug 7, part of Hong Kong Film Archive’s Restored Treasures programme)

The Menu.

2. The Menu

HKTV’s newsroom drama series gets a respectable big-screen outing. While it’s completely fictional, the intriguing hostage drama offers a far more realistic depiction of Hong Kong’s current sociopolitical climate than Cold War 2 could even dream of. (Opens on Aug 4)

All About My Mother.

3. All About My Mother

With a title inspired by the backstage drama All About Eve, Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar’s 1999 melodrama is a critically and commercially acclaimed masterpiece that addresses the intricate relationship between women and theatricality. (Aug 7, BC Sunday)

After the Storm.

4. After the Storm

Regrets and compromises are two of the key motifs in Hirokazu Koreeda’s sublime drama, which is partly set around the public housing complex he used to live in. The writer-director’s quiet contemplation on family relationships is endlessly fascinating. (Now showing)

Finding Nemo.

5. Finding Nemo

Long before the hilariously amnesiac Dory dominated our screens, Pixar came up with one of its most beautiful works in this underwater adventure, which follows a grumpy clownfish’s emotional quest to locate his lost son. (Aug 6, part of MCL Cinemas’ Pixar 30th Film Festival)

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