Train to Busan.

Top 5 films to watch in Hong Kong this week: August 25-31

South Korean zombie thriller, Chinese art house, British war drama, Hong Kong baseball and a one-take heist film shot around Berlin among the picks

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Train to Busan.

1. Train to Busan

A record-breaking hit at the South Korean box office, animation director Yeon Sang-ho’s live-action debut is a breathlessly entertaining zombie thriller set on a bullet train. This is just what you get by restaging 28 Days Later in Snowpiercer’s dystopian setting. (Opens on August 25)

Kaili Blues.

2. Kaili Blues

Chinese art-house cinema finds a new star in the independent director Bi Gan, whose spellbinding debut – partly set in the titular city in Guizhou province – follows a gloomy physician as he takes a winding trip through strange lands that distort time and space. (Opens on August 25)

Kilo Two Bravo.

3. Kilo Two Bravo

All realistic recreations of war are anti-war by default, and this British drama – based on an incident during the Afghan war – takes the suspense quotient to an extreme with its unflinching look at the gruesome fate of a unit of soldiers stranded in a minefield. (Opens on August 25)

Weeds on Fire.

4. Weeds on Fire

A hot-blooded sports film with a pro-democracy bent, Hong Kong director Steve Chan Chi-fat’s first feature turns the true story of a youth baseball team from the 1980s into an enthralling drama of chasing impossible dreams, in spite of humble beginnings. (Opens on August 25)

5. Victoria

Joining Timecode (2000) and Russian Ark (2002) on a very short list of notable one-take films, this 138-minute roller-coaster ride by German filmmaker Sebastian Schipper audaciously stages its story across 22 actual locations in Berlin, even pulling a heist along the way. (Now showing)

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