Cinema Paradiso.

Top 5 films to watch in Hong Kong this week: September 22-28

A hero pilot, an off-grid super-dad, Italian cinematic passion, a Spanish family tale and Japanese horror feature in this week’s picks

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1. Cinema Paradiso

Here’s a film you should see in an actual cinema. Winner of the 1989 best foreign language film Oscar, Giuseppe Tornatore’s nostalgic coming-of-age tale celebrates the communal experience of film-going in a most heartrending way. (September 22, part of Cine Italiano! programme)

2. Julieta

Pedro Almodovar’s most conventional effort in a decade is also his best. This emotional story of love, loss and guilt is at once richly textured and assertively sprawling, with Emma Suarez and Adriana Ugarte playing the same woman amid two different family crises. (Now showing)

Captain Fantastic.

3. Captain Fantastic

It’s hard to envision anyone but Viggo Mortensen in the lead of this irresistible family comedy, in which he excels as an idealistic super-dad who raises his six home-schooled children in a uniquely off-grid, anti-capitalist way. (September 24, part of Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong)

4. Creepy

This slow-burning psychological thriller from the Japanese horror maestro Kiyoshi Kurosawa certainly lives up to its title. Teruyuki Kagawa plays the neighbour from hell in the Hitchcockian detective mystery, which eventually evolves into a full-blown nightmare. (Opens on September 22)

5. Sully

Tom Hanks gives a mesmerising performance as the veteran airline pilot Chesley Sullenberger in this thrilling IMAX-shot film, lending his good-guy persona to an everyday American hero who maintained his modesty even after saving the lives of all 155 people on board. (Now showing)

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