A still from This Is Not What I Expected – heaven for gastro-nerds.

Top five films to watch in Hong Kong this week (May 4-10), from Paterson to Genocidal Organ

Jim Jarmusch’s deadpan turn for lovers of words, Asghar Farhadi’s mesmerising Oscar winner The Salesman, a profound animated critique of warfare and one of Scorsese’s best films among the week’s must-sees

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1. Paterson

An uneventful story even by indie-film icon Jim Jarmusch’s deadpan standards, this lyrical chronicle of a week in the life of bus-driving poet Paterson (played by Adam Driver), a resident of the New Jersey city of Paterson, is mundane yet deceptively profound. Lovers of words will find much to enjoy here. (Opens on May 4)

2. The Salesman

After co-starring in Asghar Farhadi’s superb 2009 film About Elly, Shahab Hosseini and Taraneh Alidoosti return to play a pair of married actors abruptly thrust into a mesmerising quest for vengeance in the Iranian filmmaker’s latest outing – his second foreign-language Oscar winner in six years. (Now showing)

3. Genocidal Organ

The Japanese sci-fi author Project Itoh left behind a treasure trove of prophetic observations about modern warfare when he died at age 34 in 2009. This exemplary animated film brings some of his bleakest views on mass surveillance, the war on terror and human suffering to a wider audience. (Opens on May 4)

4. The Age of Innocence

At once a change of pace and one of the greatest achievements in the career of Martin Scorsese, this sumptuous adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel revives the social mores of 1870s New York with dazzling turns by Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder. (May 7, part of Cine Fan programme)

5. This Is Not What I Expected

Takeshi Kaneshiro is one of Hong Kong cinema’s biggest heartthrobs, and Zhou Dongyu is the fastest-rising star in China. But this quirky farce, in which they play mismatched lovers and culinary soul mates, is less memorable as a romantic comedy than as food porn for gastro-nerds. (Opens on May 4)

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