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Unsane film review: The Crown’s Claire Foy stars in iPhone thriller from Steven Soderbergh

Foy plays a traumatised bank employee who mistakenly signs up for a 24-hour evaluation at a creepy behavioural centre, with nightmarish results in this claustrophobic, Hitchcock-style thriller

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 March, 2018, 7:04pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 March, 2018, 7:04pm

4/5 stars

Steven Soderbergh’s most interesting films have often been his smallest: his madcap Schizopolis, his sex worker tale The Girlfriend Experience and his blue-collar murder tale Bubble all spring to mind. You can now add Unsane to that list. Entirely shot on an iPhone, this is a neatly constructed psychiatric ward thriller that bears all the hallmarks of Polanski and Hitchcock at their most playful.

The Crown’s Claire Foy plays Sawyer Valentini, a bank employee who has recently relocated from Boston after a traumatic two years. When she arrives at Highland Creek Behavioral Centre, she is in need of a therapist. But after signing papers without reading them, it dawns on Sawyer that she has committed to a 24-hour evaluation in the institution. Not even her gutsy mother (Amy Irving) can get her out.

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So begins a Kafka-like nightmare – one that involves insurance company red tape and a creepy nurse (Joshua Leonard) with a special interest in her case. It is claustrophobic, tightly shot and convincingly performed with a cast that also includes a corn row wearing Juno Temple and hospital savvy Jay Pharoah, as fellow patients who either help or hinder Sawyer’s progress.

The iPhone camerawork is not a gimmick, and Soderbergh never lets it become so. The device does its job proficiently, and the visuals are perfectly adequate for a grimy story such as this. Succinct and engrossing, Unsane is that perfect genre picture, much like last year’s Get Out : a thriller that sneaks its wider issues up on you unexpectedly.

Unsane opens on March 22

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