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Which is your favourite Jurassic Park moment?

Five of the most thrilling Jurassic Park scenes from the multibillion dollar dinosaur franchise

The Jurassic Park series has thrilled audiences with its depictions of dinosaurs in a modern-day setting since 1993. With the success of the recent fifth instalment, we look back at some of the most mesmerising scenes in the series

Dinosaurs are running rampant at cinemas across the world as Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom leads the overseas box office for the second weekend in a row, pushing ever closer to US$1 billion in global takings.

While this is the fifth instalment of the Jurassic series, it seems the film starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard has nothing to fear, with it raking in US$932 million since its international release last month as it edges closer to that all important billion dollar mark.

And it seems the notoriously hard to crack Chinese market has been swept up to the relief of the film’s producers, amassing US$237 million alone in China.

The Jurassic series is no stranger to box office bonanzas. Ever since the original Jurassic Park roared into cinemas in 1993, film-goers have been enthralled by the chance to walk among the prehistoric giants – even if only for a few thrilling hours. To celebrate the new release, here are the most memorable moments from the dino series.

The dinosaur reveal/the kitchen nightmare– Jurassic Park

With all the fanfare around the latest release, it’s easy to forget what a big deal the first instalment was in 1993. Bringing in more than US$1 billion at the global box office, it was the highest-grossing film of all time after its release; wetting film-goers’ appetites for more dinosaur filled thrillers.

The dinosaur reveal from Jurassic Park.

The film tapped into everyone’s childhood fascination with the extinct reptiles, from the jubilation of seeing the majestic reptiles for the first time to the sheer terror of being stalked by raptors. Despite being made 25 years ago, it’s clear the special effects still hold up today, which is an unbelievable feat.

The first film, directed by none other than the king of suspense Steven Spielberg, is full of memorable moments. Who can forget the tense scene where the menacing velociraptors pursue the young siblings through the industrial kitchen, or how about when the T-Rex finally rears its head at the halfway point of the film during a tropical storm?

‘Australia’s own Jurassic Park’: palaeontologists find 21 different dinosaur tracks

The T-Rex starts by eating a live goat before moving onto the screaming children in the jeep. While they manage to dodge becoming the main meal, a lawyer hiding in a toilet is not so lucky. Despite all the horror, the most memorable moment has to be the first time we lay eyes on the living dinosaurs in the park, as John Hammond gives his guests a glimpse of his creations. If you saw this at the cinema for the first time back in the ’90s, there’s a good chance you will never forget this mesmerising moment.

T-Rex takes San Diego – The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Like all well-received blockbusters, there was always going to be a sequel. While the second film, also directed by Spielberg, didn’t perform as well as its predecessor (it has a 53 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes), it still managed to rake in more than US$600 million.

The Indian Jurassic Park and the princess who watches over its fossil trove

The 1997 blockbuster takes film-goers to a second island, where other dinosaurs have been living in hiding. Like the first film, we see that dinosaurs and humans just don’t mix (especially with the two T-Rexes involved this time).

The T-Rex smashes through San Diego in a still from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

This is especially made clear during the memorable – and ridiculous – scene where a T-Rex goes on a deadly rampage through the streets of San Diego. The prehistoric beast brought over from Isla Sorna runs amok in the city, from trashing public transport to eating the film’s screenwriter, David Koepp, who has a cameo as a civilian in a video store.

An honourable mention must go to the very ‘Spielbergian’ scene where hunters and scientists head into long grass on the island, only to be stalked and eaten by a group of plotting raptors. Watching from above, it shows that some of the scariest scenes centre around what you can’t see.

Spinosaurus vs. Tyrannosaurus – Jurassic Park III

Even Sam Neill who reprises his role as Dr Alan Grant, could not save the third instalment. Directed by Joe Johnston, the 2001 film only made US$369 million at the global box office.

The plot sees a couple with ulterior motives convince Dr Grant to go back to Isla Sorna where all hell breaks loose … again.
Spinosaurus (right) takes on T-Rex and wins in Jurassic Park III.

Unlike the previous films that centred around building tension through human drama even before one dinosaur hits the screen, the third instalment goes all in, with a rough and raw dino fight from the outset. The Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus go toe-to-toe in the epic battle, but the new, more ferocious kid on the block easily takes the crown to become the most feared dinosaur on the island.

Tyrannosaurus vs. Indominus Rex – Jurassic World

The series lay dormant until 2015, when the fourth instalment came crashing back into cinemas wowing a new generation of fans. Taking US$932 million at the box office globally, the film heads back to the original site of Jurassic Park where a new theme park creates a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur. Safe to say things don’t end well when the reptile escapes containment. (You honestly think they would have learned by now?!).

T-Rex fights Indominus in Jurassic World.

While it performed well, it wasn’t without its flaws. Some critics said the film was sexist, and that the plot was downright stupid. Despite this, there is no denying that the final battle scene had cinema-goers’ hearts pumping thanks to the most advanced CGI used in the series. The thrilling final showdown in the crumbling theme park between Tyrannosaurus and Indominus Rex is brutal, bloody, and downright destructive – could you ask for anything more? It has become known as one of the most memorable fight scenes from any of the films.

With Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom now in cinemas, tell us what your favourite scene is from the new flick.