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After alarming post, foul-mouthed young rapper Lil Tay announces she will soon get her own TV show

The controversial rapper and social media star posted about having a difficult time recently and that she has a show coming out on July 13. This follows her wiping all content from her Instagram page and leaving the message ‘help me’

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 July, 2018, 10:52am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 July, 2018, 12:26pm

Lil Tay – the controversial Asian child rapper who has scandalised the internet with her viral videos full of foul language and vulgar displays of wealth – has reportedly landed her own TV show.

On Monday, the nine-year-old rapper announced in a video posted on her Instagram page that Life With Lil Tay would be launched on the millennial-focused streaming service Zeus later this week.

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The announcement came four days after the child rapper sparked concern about her well-being by again deleting all content from her Instagram page and leaving an ominous message reading: “Help me.”

When Lil Tay first came to global fame in April, the youngster presented herself as a Los Angeles gangster kingpin who had pulled herself out of poverty by dealing drugs. But an investigation by the South China Morning Post revealed her true story was far less dramatic: she was living in downtown Vancouver and was the daughter of a real estate agent named Angela Tian.

As the number of Lil Tay’s Instagram followers skyrocketed (she now has 2.7 million followers), it was reported that the rapper – whose real name remains unknown – and her mother had moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles to further the career of the young celebrity.

That journey appears to have resulted in Life With Lil Tay, a docuseries which the Zeus streaming service say will focus on Lil Tay’s “oversize, rebellious personality”.

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In the promotional video posted on her Instagram page, the young rapper is seen engaging in her usual routine: flashing wads of cash and showing off an array of sports cars. “Welcome to my world,” she says as the video opens with a heavy rap beat.

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In an indication about the direction the TV show will take, Lil Tay is seen taking dance lessons and is told by her instructor: “I think that we can take that energy that you put on the ’gram [Instagram] and put it in an art form, like dance.”

She also talks about wanting to make more music - to date, the rapper has only posted a single track online, the rap number Money Way.

Lil Tay had attracted intense vitriol online for her earlier videos, in which the self-described “youngest flexer of the century” railed against “f***ing broke-ass n*****s” and told her critics that her “toilet cost more than your rent”.

But she seems to have changed her tune - as this week’s promotional video closes, Lil Tay is seen saying: “I apologise to everyone I offended.”