Suite dreams: from invite-only rooms to mini mansions - a look inside Macau’s most extravagant hotel rooms

From a Michael Jackson themed mansion to suites with a pool inside; Macau’s hotels are some of the most extravagant in the world

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 May, 2016, 12:10pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 November, 2017, 4:35pm

From the sublime to the ridiculously over the top, Macau’s hotels offer something for everyone, especially those with extravagant tastes. In fact, some of these luxury suites you won’t find on TripAdvisor for booking – instead they choose you.

One such example is the Paiza Mansions located inside Macau’s mega resort The Venetian. The 6,000 sq ft suites are reached by private elevator, and come with two butlers and a masseur. The suites are thrown in for free if you’re one of the invitation-only guests who can splash upwards of HK$10-15m downstairs at the casino.

They also double as a place for visiting celebrities and royalty to rest their head for the night. When international stars like David Beckham, Mariah Carey and Katy Perry visited the resort this is where they stayed.

That’s just the beginning… if you really want to splash out, why not opt for a suite that comes complete with a pool inside the room. Look no further than the Banyan Tree for this textbook Macau-style of extravagance.

At a nightly cost of HK$88,888 a stay inside the presidential suite at Banyan Tree Macau doesn’t come cheap. But for that you get two floors epitomising the best of Macau’s five star luxury.

Sprawled out across the 30th and 31st floor, the suite offers stunning views looking out over Macau and it’s only topped by the views inside the suite.

Complete with impressive chandeliers, a living room decorated with hand-painted silk wall coverings and a grand piano no less, there’s very little about this suite that doesn’t wow you, even by Macau standards.

A private gaming room, an informal dining cum breakfast area, and a bar area complete the lower floor line-up.

 A sweeping staircase leads to the upper floor’s bedrooms and family area, where you’ll also find the suite’s standout feature – an oversized relaxation pool. Why leave your suite for a trip to the pool when it’s a short distance from your bed and contained in the privacy of your own room? In the surreal world of Macau’s super suites, every over-the-top convenience is already thought of.

Living like a rock star is cranked up a further notch at Hard Rock Hotel Macau. They have dedicated rock star suites that at 2,210-square feet can comfortably fit you and a few members of your entourage. All yours for HK$58,888 a night.

To keep you and your crew entertained the suites include two race car simulators with racetracks from around the world displayed on a 65” flat-screen HDTV. Plus, for an added thrill, a mechanical bull in the middle of a fully padded room is all yours too. A trained operator is on hand to manipulate the bull. Fear not, the suites also come with king-size round beds for you to relax after all that hard riding.

For the super music fan there’s an entire mansion which boasts an interior design theme dedicated to the late king of pop himself - Michael Jackson.

Perhaps a dream room to stay in if you’re a Jackson fanatic. For the rest of us though, you may or may not appreciate the black and gold colour scheme they’ve used to decorate the entire space or the giant image of Michael Jackson’s feet, mid-moonwalk, that greets you upon entry. The bedding is also emblazoned with the initials “MJ”.

However, there’s always the mansion’s own private karaoke room to sing the night away in or the sizeable jacuzzi tub that is large enough to fit at least four people at a time.

MJ fan or not, this mini-mansion offers an experience like no other that Macau seems to be able to master quite unlike anywhere else. For a more modest hk$44,000 per night, it’s worth a visit.

The race is on for Macau to outdo itself in the luxury stakes and it might well do that later this year. It’s been reported that the ultra luxury 'The 13' hotel will open this summer.

It aims to be a Baroque-inspired palace, costing no less than US$1.4 billion to build. Approximately US$7 million has been spent on creating each room alone. The hotel will feature 200 all-villa rooms which range in size from 2,000 square feet for the entry level Villa du Comte up to a monumental 30,000 square feet for the Villa de Stephen. The most expensive of the suites has been publicised as renting for HK$1 million (US$129,000) per night. A fleet of 30 custom made Roll-Royce Phantoms will chauffeur guests to and from the property.

It’s no wonder that Macau’s hotels have been awarded more Forbes five stars than any other regional market in the world. With the looks of things to come, Macau looks set to continue its winning streak.