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What do the faces of actresses Angelina Jolie and Fan Bingbing reveal about them? We asked expert face reader Saffron Ellidge for some insight.

What do the faces of these famous actresses reveal about them? We asked expert face reader Saffron Ellidge for her insight

What's in a face? According to face reading expert Saffron Ellidge quite a lot, as she examines two well-known faces to see what the ancient practice of face reading has to reveal about them

It’s written all over our faces … at least, that’s what some of the world’s leading face readers believe. Our state of health, personality traits, life purpose and destiny – even if you’re a good kisser – are among the things a skilled exponent face reader can determine through this ancient practice.  

"People's expressions tell us what they're feeling or thinking. They also tell us what the person is trying not to reveal to us," explains Saffron Ellidge, a face reader and acupuncturist from the UK. 

So we asked Ellidge to read the faces of two well-known celebrities to see what kind of insight this fascinating practice can give into finding out more about a person's character.

Angelina Jolie 

Large eyes:
Angelina is receptive and sensitive, though she has learnt to shield herself from criticism to an extent by narrowing her eyes. The tight lower lid shows a strong desire for privacy.
High, wide hairline:
She is happy to break the rules. If the hairline comes in more on your forehead, you may have had stricter parenting and been taught to value others’ opinions more than your own.
Prominent, slanting cheekbones:
Strong cheekbones give her an ability to be authoritative and a heightened sense of pride; the slant confirms her interest in different cultures, be it the people, the food, or just new experiences.
Defined “fa-ling”, or purpose lines (from nose to sides of the mouth):
These denote a good sense of purpose in life – important for enhancing longevity. Too shallow, and one is in danger of skating over the surface; too deep, and one is getting too entrenched or attached either to the past or to material things. Angelina’s are about right – though the fact that they go below her mouth shows some anxiety about illness or old age.
Full, wide lips:
Fullness denotes sensuality and earthiness, and a wide mouth shows she has a generous nature. A large mouth also indicates good communication skills, all of which make her a great ambassador.

Fan Bingbing

Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing

Large almond eyes:
Like Angelina, she is emotionally very receptive and has strong feelings. The almond shape denotes someone who prefers not to flaunt her relationships in public. She chooses what she wants to share.
Flat eyebrows:
She can be slow to make decisions, preferring to mull over her options before committing. But her eyebrows are wide and long, so she can be assertive and has determination and energy.
Oval face:
Fan is the consummate diplomat! People will warm to her lovely manners; she is polite and respectful. But there’s a hint of a diamond shape too, which indicates an inner diva that could be unleashed!
Full lips:
As hinted by her chin, Fan’s poise and tendency to be diplomatic belie an emotionally expressive nature – she may not be averse to having the odd tantrum, either! The refined points of her lips indicate she is highly sensitive physically and won’t like to be manhandled.
Narrow nose:
Refinement and a strong sense of values are intimated by her narrow nose. Fan’s is particularly narrow, so she really isn’t interested in accumulating money (except to have a few specific luxuries in her life, as quality matters to her). Much more important to her is whether a project inspires or is meaningful to her – ideals over materialism.
Narrow jaw and tapering chin:
She tends to evaluate the ethics of each situation as it occurs before deciding what her stance is, rather than having set viewpoints. The slightly pointy chin gives her a fiery edge – she’s a lot more fun, playful and changeable than her polished demeanour would have us believe!

Saffron Ellidge is a face reader and acupuncturist based in London, UK.