Gem-infused spa treatments help reverse effects of ageing

Demand for treatments using gemstones is on the rise, as evidence suggests certain mineral elements help reverse the effects of ageing

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 June, 2017, 3:39pm
UPDATED : Monday, 25 September, 2017, 4:15pm

Rihanna told us to “shine bright like a diamond”, and we’re taking it very literally. Diamonds probably have the best PR of all luxury products: they are forever, they’re a girl’s best friend, and they’re in our spa products. Now, Macau has a finger in this glittering pie by offering luxurious spa treatments that include diamonds and other precious gems.

“Gemstones have been used for centuries, in treatments and as gifts. The mineral elements of each stone provide an enhanced physiological response,” says Kittipitch Watnoi, director of spa and recreation at The St Regis Macao. “Gemstones have also been used on a metaphysical level associated with emotions and energy.”

She claims that Iridium Spa is the first in Macau to adopt the idea that gemstone-infused massages can speed the healing of ailments and remove negative energy from the body.

“We have developed our own spa programme – The Art of Gemstones; this is for guests who believe in the power of gemstones and are looking for luxury treatments,” Watnoi explains. “All our massage treatments combine with chakras, the centre line of the body through which energy flows.”

The Iridium Personalised Gemstone signature treatment, for example, uses a unique massage technique that takes into account your specific physical needs and, most importantly, includes the use of a signature gemstone. A pre-treatment consultation determines what your gemstone will be and how it will be applied to focus on your body’s needs, and in combination with the customised massage oil, the experience is meant to energise and rebalance your body.

The spa has other dazzling offerings, such as the White Pearl Illuminates Diamond Anti-Aging Care treatment – a facial that offers the benefits of both diamonds and mother-of-pearl in its mask, as well as the Diamond Anti-Aging Care treatment, which uses products containing powdered diamonds.

While St Regis centres its philosophy on the revered tradition of chakra energy flow, the Spa at Wynn Palace looks to modern technology.

“Now that technology has proven that ingredients such as pearl, gold, platinum and diamond have a reverse effect on fine lines and wrinkles, the demand for such products has increased,” says Catherine Lazarou, director of spa operations at Wynn Palace.

She adds that technology in the beauty industry has come a long way. “Brands are constantly researching ingredients and innovative formulas, and now we have the technology to match so that the results are more beneficial than ever before,” she says.

Gemstones have been used for centuries, in treatments and as gifts. The mineral elements of each stone provide an enhanced physiological response
Kittipitch Watnoi, The St Regis Macao

The spa’s Diamond Life Infusion Facial, for example, uses a “Diamond Peptide Delivery System”, which employs nanotechnology to better penetrate the skin’s surface and deliver the active ingredients to the deeper layers. It’s a cutting-edge system, Lazarou says, that provides “long-lasting and cumulative rejuvenating results”.

The spa certainly wasn’t practising moderation when designing this treatment. The opulent 90-minute treatment also includes a soft gold mask to stimulate skin cell renewal through its pearl and gold extracts, not to mention diamond-inspired eye serum and sun protection at the end.

For those who want a refreshing boost to their diamond-studded spa experience, the spa at Four Seasons Hotel Macao employs cryogenics in its Exclusive Diamond Facial. The therapist refreshes your complexion with cold stones, which also stimulates skin cell circulation; the products used for the treatment are from the Natura Bissé diamond collection.

Lazarou points out that the anti-ageing trend has reached the point where the guest demographic interested in these treatments is actually dropping noticeably in age.

“It used to be the case that people simply wanted to reverse the signs of ageing. However, each generation is becoming more educated on health and wellness, and the trend has broadened to include preventative action,” she explains, adding that even pre-teens are paying attention to skincare these days. “They then look for anti-ageing products in their 20s to retain their skin’s condition over time. Once you understand your skin and how to treat it, you will feel more confident on your own journey towards beautiful skin.”