China’s property tax plan is part of President Xi Jinping’s campaign to redistribute wealth and address widening social inequality, but some fear the rich will find a way to avoid paying their fair share. Illustration: Henry Wong
Sleepless nights for China’s homeowners as Beijing walks tax ‘tight rope’

China’s property tax plan is part of Xi Jinping’s so-called common prosperity campaign to redistribute wealth and to address widening social inequality, but the proposal has caused some concern especially among the middle class population.

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China Belt and Road Initiative involves connecting more than 70 countries on the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa via a series of rail, road and sea infrastructure projects. Photo: Xinhua
‘Challenging’ belt and road strategy needs risk analysis, anti-corruption steps

President Xi Jinping last week called for businesses involved with China’s Belt and Road Initiative to assess overseas risk regularly, while also establishing a risk monitoring system and anti-corruption legal framework.

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