Workers from Niger and China work on an oil pipeline in the Gaya region of the West African country. Photo: AFP

How China’s emergency yuan loans to debt-beset nations mark ‘strategic pivot’

China has come under pressure to offer more relief to heavily indebted nations amid allegations from other countries that it has engaged in ‘debt-trap diplomacy’.

10 Nov 2023 - 7:30PM
A Peruvian craftsman displays stuffed toys at a booth during the China International Import Expo on Tuesday. Photo: Xinhua

‘We’re not optimistic’: China economists offer critical takes on FDI outlook

Appealing to foreign investors has become very difficult for China, which has seen foreign direct investment fall this year amid de-risking efforts by multinationals and geopolitical wrangling.

9 Nov 2023 - 11:44AM
The International Finance Forum attributed the trend of using regional currencies rather than US dollar to the adverse spillovers of unprecedented US monetary tightening. Photo: AFP

US dollar trust not an ‘easy thing to overcome’ despite jump in de-dollarisation

International Finance Forum say a trend of using regional currencies rather than US dollar is a result of unprecedented US monetary tightening, but there still remains doubts about a credible alternative.

30 Oct 2023 - 11:00PM
Premier Li Keqiang at a lab in the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing in April 2013. Photo: Xinhua

China’s charismatic, truth-telling ex-premier mourned as reforms hang in the air

Li Keqiang, who pushed for the private economy, foreign investment and simplified government procedures during his 10 years as premier, died in Shanghai on Friday morning at the age of 68.

27 Oct 2023 - 7:46PM
The People’s Bank of China says it will push for the development of a “new model” for the property sector. Photo: AFP

China vows to strengthen policy support after August profits rebound

Central bank meeting outlines plans for more targeted monetary policies to aid economic recovery.

27 Sep 2023 - 5:11PM
The currencies of China and the US have become frequent topics of discussion as the two countries continue their economic stand-off. Photo: Reuters

Economist says T-bills present risk, but holdings already substantially trimmed

At a summit in Shanghai, an academic has echoed some of his peers by recommending the dumping of US Treasuries – a move that they say would help ensure the safety of China’s overseas assets.

22 Sep 2023 - 11:40PM
China’s overall holding of US debt remains at a 14-year low. Photo: Reuters

China slashes US Treasury holdings again as rate-hike cycle’s end looms

The world’s second-largest economy offloaded US$13.6 billion worth of US debt in July, but China remains the second-largest foreign holder of US Treasury bills, having been surpassed by Japan in mid-2019

19 Sep 2023 - 11:00PM
China’s yuan has depreciated considerably against the US dollar this year. Photo: Shutterstock

Will China weaponise the yuan? Global finance body throws cold water on idea

Intentionally weakening the yuan would be a boon for cheaper Chinese exports, but on the whole, a devalued yuan could make China’s problems much worse.

16 Sep 2023 - 7:35AM
The reserve requirement ratio for foreign-exchange deposits will be cut from 6 to 4 per cent from September 15, the People’s Bank of China said. Photo: Reuters

China to cut forex deposit reserve requirement to support yuan, prop up economy

The People’s Bank of China will cut the reserve requirement ratio for foreign-exchange deposits later this month in the latest move to support the yuan exchange rate and prop up the faltering economy.

1 Sep 2023 - 6:31PM
US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo with Chinese Minister of Culture and Tourism Hu Heping. Photo: AFP

Explainer | Raimondo, Fukushima, unemployment data: 7 things from China’s economy in August

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo completed a four-day trip to China in August, and Beijing also banned all Japanese aquatic products and stopped releasing China’s dismal youth-unemployment numbers.

1 Sep 2023 - 6:30AM
The US dollar is expected to continue dominating global trade, but China’s yuan is gaining strength among developing countries. Photo: Shutterstock

How expanding China-led economic bloc Brics adds to the yuan’s global clout

While the US dollar may continue to hold sway among the Brics nations, economists say improving bilateral relations among Brics members – and their new additions – will boost their currencies, especially the yuan.

25 Aug 2023 - 11:00PM
The matter of relying less on the US dollar is expected to be thoroughly discussed next week at the Brics summit of emerging nations. Photo: Reuters

‘De-dollarisation’ gains traction among emerging economies ahead of Brics meet

Expansion rate of the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa economic bloc seen determining speed at which it stops using US dollar systems.

19 Aug 2023 - 11:52AM
Workers run tests at a biotechnology company in China, where foreign investors are being urged to chase biotech opportunities. Photo: EPA-EFE

Beijing bets on biotech to boost China’s foreign investment inflows

New 24-point list of guidelines covers areas of major focus where investors are likely to find opportunities, but relations between China and the West are a growing concern among business interests.

14 Aug 2023 - 8:41PM
Foreign investors have been selling Chinese debt since the start of the year amid a weaker yuan and slower than expected economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Shutterstock

China posts first debt inflows of 2023, but weak economy set to limit longevity

US$3 billion was added to China’s debt market last month, ending a run of six straight months of outflows, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) said, but a rebound is unlikely to be sustained due to weak economic performance.

12 Aug 2023 - 1:11AM
Outspoken economist Yu Yongding says Beijing should reassess its yuan-internationalisation goals as geopolitical strains mount. Photo: Bloomberg

US dollar ‘weaponisation’ demands Beijing rethink yuan plans, economist warns

Securing China’s overseas assets has become more difficult in a time rife with geopolitical wrangling that continues to alter the world’s currency-use landscape, outspoken Yu Yongding says.

3 Aug 2023 - 8:00PM
There is a chance deflation risks will become a reality for China when the data for July is released in the second week of August.  Photo: EPA-EFE

Explainer | From Raimondo to deflation: 4 things to look for in China’s economy in August

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo could soon visit China, while there is also a chance deflation risks will become a reality in China in August and the China-South Asia Expo will take place in Kunming.

2 Aug 2023 - 3:14AM
China’s economic growth continued to lose momentum in July, although Beijing offered some insight into how it plans to help the world’s second-largest economy. Photo: Xinhua

Explainer | GDP worries, economic action plans: 7 things from China’s economy in July

Unemployment among China’s youth rose further in July, while gross domestic product data indicated a continued uneven post-pandemic recovery and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made a high-profile visit.

1 Aug 2023 - 1:36AM
The US increase widens the gap with China’s rate, putting pressure on the yuan, and adding to the challenges for China’s slowing economy. Photo: Shutterstock

As US rate hikes take a toll, will China’s central bank head face a key moment?

US Federal Reserve lifted interest rates to the highest level in 22 years on Wednesday, posing a challenge to China’s newly appointed central bank governor, Pan Gongsheng.

27 Jul 2023 - 8:16PM