Trade Policy

Covid-19 ‘faultlines’, ‘hobbled’ recoveries push IMF to downgrade outlook

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cut its global economic growth forecast for the year due to periodic coronavirus outbreaks, poor vaccine access and weak government policy support.

15 Oct 2021 - 12:42AM
Australia still open to Chinese investors despite tensions, but security key

Foreign Investment and Review Board (FIRB) chair David Irvine said that 20 per cent of approved transactions in the past year had some form of Chinese participation despite souring relations.

14 Oct 2021 - 2:30PM
China’s export growth likely to slow as other manufacturers open up

To date, Chinese exports have defied expectations that power cuts, Covid-19 outbreaks and shipping congestion would deliver a hammer blow.

14 Oct 2021 - 11:48AM
European firms brace for ‘crisis mode’ as China’s power crunch drags on

Some European firms in China have complained about poor communication around power outages that have hobbled industrial output across the world’s No 2 economy.

13 Oct 2021 - 6:16PM
Shipping rates cool as China power crisis forces production cuts

Sky-high shipping and container prices have been causing major headaches for Chinese exporters, but costs have been easing over the past two weeks.

9 Oct 2021 - 5:12AM
How China borrowed a page from the EU’s playbook to counter US sanctions

Beijing appears to have taken inspiration from the European Union’s (EU) decades-old blocking statute when it drafted its own law to counter Western sanctions.

11 Oct 2021 - 9:15AM
China’s bid to ‘weaponise trade’ crumbles as it turns to Australia despite ban

China has imported copper concentrate and cotton from Australia this year, despite imposing informal bans on the goods due to diplomatic tensions.

8 Oct 2021 - 11:55AM
US toymakers race to get China-made products on shelves amid supply clogs

Sky-high shipping costs and supply chain bottlenecks are forcing US toymakers to leave products in China ahead of the crucial Christmas holiday season.

7 Oct 2021 - 2:00PM
Xinjiang’s exports are under pressure – but not because of US sanctions

Trucks crossing the border of China’s far west Xinjiang have plummeted over the past 18 months, mirroring a broader decline of exports in regional gross domestic product.

7 Oct 2021 - 9:40AM
How ‘targeted tariff exclusions’ will protect US interests in trade with China

Washington’s approval process for tariff exemptions has been criticised as opaque and inefficient under both Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and among the limited exemptions granted, most have expired.

7 Oct 2021 - 9:25AM
China boosts coal imports from Kazakhstan, Africa amid global supply crunch

China has boosted coal imports from Kazakhstan and a host of smaller exporters since the start of the year, as power cuts have become more frequent and coal supplies dwindle.

5 Oct 2021 - 11:11PM
Why the world’s shipping woes are eroding China’s export advantage

Soaring freight prices and high raw material costs are causing importers to question the economic viability of buying from China.

5 Oct 2021 - 10:29PM
Lawyers brief IMF on probe into China’s ‘Doing Business’ report rankings

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) board of directors were briefed by the law firm whose investigation partly led to the cancellation of the ‘Doing Business’ report.

5 Oct 2021 - 10:11AM
Global shipping snarls leave Chinese exporters sweating ahead of Christmas

Ahead of Christmas, Chinese traders are racing to get their goods to key export markets in the United States and Europe, but container shortages are making that hard.

5 Oct 2021 - 9:43AM
Beijing pours billions into Xinjiang. Is it sustainable?

The US earlier this year banned cotton and tomato products from Xinjiang over alleged human rights violations, but the province remains a major agricultural base.

1 Oct 2021 - 1:46PM
Taiwan waiting in the wings if China power crisis hits export orders

Central bank governor Yang Chin-long told Taiwan’s parliament on Thursday that manufacturers could shift orders to the island if China’s power crunch continues.

30 Sep 2021 - 2:30PM
China’s ‘golden week’ travel unlikely to return to pre-Covid levels this year

The ‘golden week’ holiday is traditionally one of China’s busiest times for travel, but pandemic curbs and consumer fears about the economy are likely to weigh on domestic tourism.

30 Sep 2021 - 1:30PM
Manufacturing hub Guangdong eases investment barriers to lure foreign firms

Manufacturing hub Guangdong has announced new measures to attract foreign firms to the province, including tax breaks and more lenient investment rules.

30 Sep 2021 - 5:57AM