Vladimir Putin

Russian president
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Vladimir Putin has been in office as Russia's president or prime minister for more than two decades.

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A meeting between the US and Russian presidents legitimises Putin’s embattled regime, say critics of Biden.
Even if their meeting in Geneva does not have an immediate outcome, it can be deemed a success if suspicions have been lessened.
Iran, China and Russia all want to normalise relations and avoid conflicts with the US, but Washington is not interested, not unless those regimes commit suicide, which is a very unlikely prospect.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
China and Russia are strengthening bilateral ties as the United States labels one nation a ‘serious competitor’ and the other an ‘opponent’.
Nation has the capacity to develop critical technology to counter nuclear threat and is boosting its capability to defend itself if the worst were to happen
In reversing the stance of his predecessor on New START warheads pact, the US president has also shown cooperation still exists between Washington and the Kremlin.
This expression of popular discontent signifies shared opposition to the ruling class. However, Moscow and Beijing’s shared global vision is likely to intensify their opposition to ‘colour revolutions’ and foreign interference.
American democracy was in poor shape before Donald Trump took office. A political system that offers voters a choice between Trump and Joe Biden has obvious problems.
SCMP ColumnistPeter Kammerer
The much-discussed collapse of liberal democracy has raised questions over whether managed democracy or authoritarian rule is superior. But evidence from the US, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan suggest real democracy is alive and well.
While projections suggest the pandemic will not hurt the Russian economy as badly as feared, stagnation and inefficiency continue to hold back its growth. The Kremlin should institute deep structural reforms to boost growth and avoid a worsening deficit.
Alleged attempt to kill Russian opposition leader with Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok must lead to the destruction of all stockpiles of chemical weapons.
A century after his death, in 1908, toxicology reports showed that the Guangxu Emperor died of arsenic poisoning, the day before his nemesis, Empress Dowager Cixi, passed.
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