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5G, or fifth-generation mobile telecommunications technology, enables data to be transferred at a speed that's 20 times faster than existing standards. The Huawei 5G fight is at the centre of the US-China tech war. A Huawei ban was implemented in the US in May 2019

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America pays high price as it tries to shut out Chinese companies, deny them access to advanced technologies and erode their supply-chain advantages.
China needs to encourage new ideas and innovation if it is to chart a long term path through tech decoupling.
Given the increasing popularity of the use of internet-based SCADA systems to monitor industrial processes, companies are vulnerable to cyberattacks. A blockchain framework could help prevent such attacks, especially if it encompasses internet-of-things, 5G and other emerging technologies.
Biden should undo Trump’s needlessly confrontational damage to the bilateral relationship – on condition that China takes equivalent steps back. The deep causes of US-China friction will remain but an easing of tension will give both governments space to re-engage.
As the Sweden example shows, Beijing’s way of dealing with criticism is eroding its soft power. China needs to avoid alienating other countries and learn how to influence people if it is to cement its place at the top.
With companies such as Ant, ByteDance, Huawei and Nio inspiring clones in the West, China is becoming an innovation epicentre. Rather than keep Chinese companies out, the West should make clear the areas of collaboration or protection.
While the US still holds considerable sway, Mideast nations would rather not pick sides, preferring to work with an array of partners. They are looking to build their own futures and cannot afford to wait for the US to decide how it will engage.
Chinese companies are increasingly focusing on developing supply chains to leverage data and consumer insights. Firms could target international and domestic consumers using data from e-commerce giants, with the main players shifting to meet demand for advanced technology.
The proposed TikTok deal shows a way forward for Chinese tech companies hoping to expand in the West, writes Wang Xiangwei.
SCMP ColumnistWang Xiangwei
Since 2001, the US ‘war on terror’ has killed, injured and displaced millions across 24 countries, while America’s defence spending is nearly 40 per cent of the global total. In contrast, China has waged one foreign war in the past 50 years.
History shows that the US regulatory environment and the nature of American capital markets led to the downfall of the country’s home-grown telecoms equipment giant. Today, Nordic companies may offer the Western world’s best alternative to Huawei.
While the US is urging its allies to purge Chinese companies from the internet under its ‘clean network’ programme, the dominance of US tech firms and their dismal track record in protecting privacy is the real threat to people and countries everywhere.
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