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Coronavirus vaccine FAQs including the latest timetable for vaccine rollout and vaccine efficacy data plus news and updates on research into a vaccine to combat the new strain of coronavirus which has infected tens of millions of people and led to the deaths of more than a million around the globe.

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Hong Kong’s travel bubble with Singapore is likely to be postponed for a second time, a reminder that the opening up of the economy and return to life as it was before Covid-19 requires greater civic-mindedness.
Rugby, football and other sports are returning to normal yet trail racing is still deemed too risky.
Rather than political leverage, this reputational gain is the main prize of Chinese vaccine diplomacy and supports Beijing’s aspirations to global leadership
Vegans abstain from consuming animal products and anything whose production exploits animals. If for some that includes Covid-19 vaccines, it is a step too far.
From Japan’s sluggish vaccine roll-out, it is evident that a sense of crisis is lacking. Have the Japanese given serious thought to the possibility that a new wave of coronavirus will arrive with the Olympics?
China should work with the WHO and other international entities to make Covax and similar schemes a success. Being active in multilateral channels can help overcome geopolitical hurdles and ensure access to more foreign markets in the future.
The joint projects with BioNTech in China and Singapore are providing a way forward to make sure developing countries are properly immunised and to ensure global health equity.
In recent days, city leader Carrie Lam’s administration has had to make two major policy reversals that could have been avoided. Now, it needs to reflect on how to grow out of its habitual Hong Kong-centric thinking.
A reluctance to accept Covid-19 will become endemic means the early victors against the disease may be the last to reopen their economies, writes Donald Low.
Western governments hoard vaccines and Big Pharma does it all for profit, but British group developed the Covid-19 jab purely for science and humanity.
SCMP ColumnistAlex Lo
Tough response of isolating thousands not only caused great inconvenience, but also strained resources and raised doubts over the benefit of having vaccinations
Patents are not a critical barrier in the complex challenge of vaccine manufacture and roll-out. But arguing about patent waivers is distracting.
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