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Coronavirus vaccine FAQs including the latest timetable for vaccine rollout and vaccine efficacy data plus news and updates on research into a vaccine to combat coronavirus which has infected tens of millions of people and led to the deaths of more than three million around the globe.

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Sudden U-turn on adolescents needing only one BioNTech jab, instead of two as previously recommended, is bound to fuel scepticism and misunderstanding.
Rich nations can stop thinking about a return to normality unless they distribute excess doses of Covid-19 vaccine to the less fortunate.
The much-heralded return to the office has been put on hold in the US, amid a surge in Covid-19 cases. But the virus has caused less disruption to workplace strategies in Asia, where employers and employees prefer not to blur the work-life boundary.
Those who are the most vulnerable to becoming sick and dying from Covid-19, are also the biggest group in the city putting off being immunised.
While persuasion is the preferred approach, the aim is to get as many people as possible vaccinated. It may not take another major outbreak of the virus for the government to impose restrictions on the unvaccinated
An investigation has revealed how customers are making a mockery of the city’s defence strategy against Covid-19, and it requires serious enforcement action by the authorities.
Investors without local offices have been forced to switch to fund vehicles but non-fund vehicle investment will return, as more major investors add Asian expertise on the ground.
Struggle to eliminate the toxic fuel was a long one and countries needed to cooperate to succeed, just as they will have to if Covid-19 is to be beaten.
As long as government spending remains robust and monetary policies accommodative, the Delta outbreak in the region is unlikely to arrest its growth momentum.
The problem of a low take-up rate for Covid-19 vaccinations should be addressed by educating the reluctant rather than scaring them even more
The proof is out there for all to see, a higher rate in vaccination against Covid-19 definitely enhances protection and helps bring life closer to normal.
The potential for a slowdown in the world’s two largest economies is feeding concerns about a peaking in global growth. Both countries are also facing another wave of Covid-19 cases. The Delta variant is the biggest risk when it comes to the outlook for any economy.
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