Soldiers lower the Taiwanese flag during a ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan, in August. Photo: Bloomberg

Closer US-Taiwan liaising needed to stem China ire post-Pelosi visit: analyst

American congressional delegations to island expected after Republicans take control of House of Representatives, says Kuomintang adviser.

18 Nov 2022 - 7:30AM
US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and People’s Bank of China governor Yi Gang at the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Bali on Wednesday. Photo: Twitter

China, US discuss ‘macroeconomic, financial challenges’ and outlook at G20

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and People’s Bank of China (PBOC) governor Yi Gang met on the sidelines of the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Bali, Indonesia, on Wednesday.

16 Nov 2022 - 8:30PM
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Republican of California, arrives at a midterm elections event in Washington on Tuesday. McCarthy expressed confidence his party would seize control of the lower chamber of Congress. Photo: AFP via Getty Images/TNS

Republicans’ differences on being ‘tough on China’ to emerge: analysts

Whether on economic ‘decoupling’ from Beijing or bolstering support for Taiwan, American lawmakers’ approaches expected to span pragmatic to sabre-rattling.

11 Nov 2022 - 6:23AM
Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen

US’ hard line on China likely to hold whoever wins midterm elections: analysts

House victory by Republicans likely to pressure Biden administration to adopt a ‘more aggressive’ stance as Beijing’s most vocal critics gain more control.

5 Nov 2022 - 5:07AM
Two people posing for a photo last week in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. China’s leadership holds its 20th Party Congress in the capital in mid-October. Photo: EPA-EFE

New Chinese premier pick could mean ‘more continuity than change’: analyst

Attention to opaque selection process of Beijing’s top leadership has intensified as Xi solidifies grip and US-China ties fray.

5 Oct 2022 - 6:20AM
Lawmakers from around the world gather at the US Capitol on Washington for a summit of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China on Tuesday. Image: IPAC

China-focused group of global lawmakers maps united response to Beijing

Alliance representing 30 countries to lay out action plan to ‘defend human rights and hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its violations’.

14 Sep 2022 - 7:45AM
China, which claims Taiwan as its own territory, has been carrying out the war games and exercises since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei this month. Photo: Xinhua)

Limited impact from military drills around Taiwan, US business group says

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Taiwan survey shows 77 per cent of respondants had not been significantly affected by recent Chinese military drills, which followed Nancy Pelosi’s visit earlier this month.

19 Aug 2022 - 1:41PM
Pro-democracy activists in Taipei hold up banners in support of Hong Kong during a rally in June marking the third anniversary of the start of mass protests in the former British colony. Photo: AFP

US lawmakers urge sanctioning Hong Kong prosecutors for ‘undermining’ city

Move would offer ‘tangible demonstration’ of Biden administration’s interest in making officials uphold their legal obligations, they say.

21 Jul 2022 - 6:30AM
China has acknowledged that global oil prices are of great concern among the international community, while also not backing Western calls to cap prices on Russian oil exports. Photo: Shutterstock

‘It’s very complicated’: China shuns US call to cap Russian oil prices

China and India are among the major buyers of Russian oil and have refrained from backing Western sanctions against Moscow.

14 Jul 2022 - 8:15PM
Hanscom Smith, the US consul general to Hong Kong, says the city’s autonomy must be protected for it to flourish. Photo: May Tse

American businesses in Hong Kong face mainland China-like risks: US envoy

City’s strength as a business hub ‘will continue to erode’ if it stays on current trajectory, says US consul general in Hong Kong, citing national security law.

7 Jul 2022 - 6:50AM
After weeks of deliberations within the administration over cutting tariffs as a way to ease high inflation, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Joe Biden’s team was still weighing various strategies. Photo: Reuters

US receives over 400 requests to keep China tariffs, Biden ‘figuring it out’

The requests come as the US is conducting a four-year statutory review of the Trump-era tariffs after the issue was raised during a call between Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He on Tuesday.

7 Jul 2022 - 6:01PM
Top economic officials from China and the United States on Tuesday held their first talks since October. Photo: Shutterstock

‘Constructive’ US-China talks not expected to end long-standing rivalry

Some analysts say any move by Washington to cut tariffs on Chinese goods would be solely in the US’ own interests, rather than signal an abrupt change in President Biden’s China policy.

7 Jul 2022 - 4:04PM
Rare earths are a group of 17 chemically similar elements composed of scandium, yttrium, and the lanthanides that are abundant in nature, but difficult and dirty to extract. Photo: Reuters

US pact boosts South Korea’s ‘definite need’ to cut China rare earth reliance

South Korea joined the US-led Minerals Security Partnership earlier this month alongside the likes of Germany, France, Britain, Australia and Japan in a move designed to reduce its dependency on China for key resources, including rare earths.

28 Jun 2022 - 5:40AM
US President Joe Biden said on Saturday that he is in the process of making up his mind about the tariffs, with a talk with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping expected “soon”. Photo: Bloomberg

‘Start small’ China, US urged as Biden ponders Trump-era tariff rollback

Former acting deputy US trade representative Wendy Cutler believes Washington will soon unveil its plan for how to handle the US$350 billion of Trump-era trade tariffs that have been imposed on Chinese goods for almost four years.

22 Jun 2022 - 9:03AM
China is the world’s top energy importer and Russia has been an important trading partner supplying oil, gas and coal. Photo: AP

China urged to explore more US gas trade, ‘cautiously’ consider Russian energy

Growing energy trade between China and the US could form a ‘community of shared interests’, according to Zou Ji, amid strained ties between Beijing and Washington.

17 Jun 2022 - 10:15PM
Biden administration needs to balance short-term price reduction goals against the longer-term need to address unfair competition from China when considering whether to cut some tariffs on Chinese good, says deputy US Treasury secretary Wally Adeyemo. Photo: AFP

US ‘actively considering’ China trade tariffs move, but need to find a balance

Biden administration needs to balance short-term price reduction goals against the longer-term need to address unfair competition when considering whether to cut tariffs on Chinese good, says deputy US Treasury secretary Wally Adeyemo.

1 Jun 2022 - 10:13AM
US Trade Representative Katherine Tai would not say whether the administration would remove the tariffs, or give a time frame for making a decision. Photo: AP

US keeping ‘eye on the ball’ on China tariffs, removal must be ‘strategic’

US President Joe Biden on Monday said he is considering removing some of the tariffs and would talk with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen about it after returning to the United States from Asia.

24 May 2022 - 12:14PM
The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in China says the costs of decoupling would be significant and generate no clear winners. Photo: Shutterstock

AmCham China opposed to ‘outright’ US-China decoupling, urges engagement

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in China says the costs of decoupling would be significant and generate no clear winners.

17 May 2022 - 12:47PM
The US Trade Representative is now facing a review of the first group of tariffs on more than US$300 billion in Chinese imports needed to prevent their expiration. Photo: AFP

US does not want ‘trade divorce’ from China, Washington seeks reform

US Trade Representative Katherine Tai says the Biden administration’s policy is focused on ‘realignment in the global economy’ after telling a congressional hearing last week that discussions with China have become ‘unduly difficult’.

5 Apr 2022 - 7:10PM
Boeing’s 737 MAX has been grounded in China since 2019 after 346 people died in two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Photo: Reuters

‘Challenging times’ for Boeing, but 737 MAX key to restoring China confidence

China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 which crashed on Monday was a Boeing 737-800, with the US company still trying to regain confidence within the Chinese market after two fatal 737 MAX crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

25 Mar 2022 - 6:03AM